Athletic Events Protocol

Things that students can DO while attending a Sun Prairie West High School Athletic Event

  • DO realize that attendance at high school athletic events is a privilege, not a right.
  • DO plan to stay at the game. Once you leave, you may not re-enter.
  • DO be accompanied and supervised by an adult (18 or older) if you are an elementary or lower middle school student.
  • DO have a valid school ID in order to get into the game if you are 6th - 12th grade. For the first home game, please bring last year's student ID.
  • DO be willing to present your ID when event staff askes to see it.
  • DO leave athletic equipment, backpacks, larger radios and other non-essential items somewhere else. Medical backpacks will be permitted.
  • DO stay in the bleachers during the game.
  • DO walk to the concessions stands and restrooms. Loitering or running on the outdoor walkways or school hallways is not acceptable.
  • DO refrain from throwing anything, anywhere, anytime during the game.
  • DO enjoy being with your friends at this community event.
  • DO support both teams with positive cheers.
  • DO act with Wolf Pride and take responsibility for your actions.


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In the event a student is choosing not to DO any of the rules listed to the left, the following will take place:

  • The student's ID will be held and given to the student's parent or principal.
  • The student will immediately be removed from the game and an attempt will be made to contact parents/guardians.
  • The student' building principal will be contacted the following day.
  • The student may lose the privilege of attending future events.