Principal Welcome

Dear SP West High School Wolves, Wolf Parent/Caregivers and Community:

Welcome to Sun Prairie West High School, Home of the Wolves!  My name is Jen Ploeger and I am honored to serve as the inaugural Principal of SPWHS.  Our incredible community of students, staff, parent/caregivers and beyond is dedicated to Creating the Future each and every day.  We are Creating the Future of SP West High School: together.  In partnership with SP East, Prairie Phoenix Academy and our other SPASD schools and community we are helping create the future of Sun Prairie and beyond.  Each and every day we are helping our students create their futures. 

We are a beautiful, powerful, diverse comprehensive, 9-12, high school, with ~1,200 students and over 120 staff members.  Our beautiful, new, state-of-the art building is centered around collaboration.  Collaboration between adults, students and adults, and students to students.  Our interdisciplinary learning "dens" allow students to co-create across content areas and learn together.  We are "pushing beyond walls" to flexible learning spaces that promote collaboration, autonomy, innovation and choice. 

Our faculty, staff, and administration are focused on providing a quality, equitable learning experience for all students through the various curricular and extracurricular opportunities available. Our focus as educators will continue to be on preparing students for college, career and community by developing essential skills and behaviors in a safe, supportive environment. Our educators provide relevant, rigorous and engaging content while building strong relationships with all scholars and parent/caregivers.

We have an incredible experience that very few people get in their life time: to co-create a brand new comprehensive public High School!  We take this opportunity and responsibility seriously and will continue to partner together with the stakeholders in our community as we define: what it means to be a Wolf, who we are as SP West and create a Culture of Care that wraps around every member of our community while disrupting inequities. 

Our partnership with our families and community is an integral part of the success of SP West. Parents/caregivers are always welcomed in SP West and we encourage you to become involved with one of the many committees, organizations and/or groups aimed at improving our school community!  Your feedback and support are essential to our building this new community.  Let’s go Wolves!


Jen Ploeger


Photo of Ms. Jennifer Ploeger, Inaugural Principal of Sun Prairie West High School