Library Media Center

Welcome to Token Springs Elementary School's Library Media Center!

Token Springs Library Media Center is here to enrich every part of your child's academic life. The library is home to thousands of books, magazines, and other materials for students to check out for FREE. Students have weekly library time to find something to bring home and read. Please remember to take care of library items.

We loan the resources they need for school work, as well as the materials they want for enjoyment.

We help our students learn the twentieth-century skills that they need to succeed in today's world, including:

  • Finding information in print or online
  • Interpreting and evaluating information
  • Using technology appropriate to their needs

We provide the necessary support and encouragement to help them grow as young readers and thinkers. 

Every day is library day!



Dan Lahr
LMC Specialist

Angela Handlen
Instructional Assistant