Family Engagement & Inclusion Plan

Dear Token Springs Learning Community,

Below are the details that outline the Token Springs Family Engagement Plan for 2023-24. 
(Download a PDF version of the Token Springs Elementary Engagement Plan)

Dear Terrapins,

The relationship between school and home is an essential component in student success. A student’s experience at school improves when the adults who care for them and help them learn and grow have collaborative relationships that allow them to welcome and value one another’s questions, ideas, and thoughts.

Each new school year brings rich opportunities for growth, and our building, in conjunction with the School Community Organization of Token Springs (SCOTS), updates and shares out our co-developed Family Engagement Plan, a named District strategy, to help us excel in how we collaborate and communicate with all careholders, and build relationships that promote positive outcomes for students; improving the delivery of the content we teach; gaining a deeper understanding of the developmental, social, academic, and emotional needs of our students; and strengthening relationships with careholders that help to support student growth and success. 

Relationships take work. Strong relationships include communication, trust, and respect. A strong and successful partnership between school and home  is no different.

To ensure that all students, families, staff, and other careholders connected to our building have a welcoming and inclusive experience at Token Springs, we center all that we do around the following values we named together as a school community.


building a strong COMMUNITY in and outside of our building!

having a GROWTH MINDSET, for both students AND adults!


showing KINDNESS each and every day!

We know that all of the adults who care for our students have something great to offer and we have worked to intentionally create numerous entry points to strengthen our home-school partnership. Here a just a few ways to share your time, energy, and support:

  • Volunteer Terrapins – this program is meant to provide a more inclusive opportunity for our Token Springs' community to help out in the building, inviting the many parents, caregivers, and other important adults that matter most to our students (click here to access the sign-ups –
  • Get involved with SCOTS – attend our monthly meetings, organize/volunteer/attend one of our many fun family events, and yes, help us fundraise to offer great student experiences at Token Springs and across our entire district (click here to access SCOTS’ Linktree –
  • Share your feedback and your ideas – good, bad, or otherwise, your feedback is important and we love to hear from you around how we’re doing as a building so we can continue to grow and strengthen our home-school relationship, working together to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where ALL of our students feel seen, heard, loved, and supported.

On behalf of all of our Terrapins, THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT! Here’s to another great year at Token Springs!