Family Engagement Plan

Dear Token Springs Learning Community,

Below are the details that outline the Token Springs Family Engagement Plan for 2022-23. 
(Download a PDF version of the Token Springs Elementary Engagement Plan)

To understand how working together can benefit your child, it is first important to understand the district’s and school’s vision, mission, and goals for student academic achievement.

Sun Prairie School District Vision: …to be Recognized as a high-performing district of choice that reflects the cultures of our diverse community.

Sun Prairie School District Mission: …to Inspire and prepare every child, every day, by providing relevant, engaging, and innovative learning experiences in and out of the classroom.

At Token Springs Elementary, we value…

  • cultivating positive relationships

  • focusing on building a strong community both in and outside of the building

  • showing respect for, and honoring others’ differences

  • have a growth mindset, children and adults, even when things are challenging

  • showing kindness each and every day

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should I go to if I have a question about my child’s education? Please start with your child’s classroom teacher.  If the teacher cannot answer this, the teacher will help connect you with the appropriate person.

How will the school share monthly news? Token Springs sends out a monthly newsletter through Blackboard Connect, utilizing the platform smore. The monthly newsletter will then be archived on the Token Springs web page under “Newsletters”. 

Our School Community Organization (SCO), SCO of Token Springs (SCOTS), meets monthly on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in our LGI and via Zoom ( All Token Springs’ families are members of our SCO and all families are welcome to the meetings.

Teachers will share communication formats with you also. They will ask you what is the most appropriate way to share specific communication with you about your child. 

We will be sending invites via Blackboard, our website, Facebook, and Instagram to make sure that you know about upcoming events. We have both staff and SCO initiated events each month.

What should you do if you have a concern, question, or great idea? If it is a classroom concern, we ask that you go directly through the teacher first. If you are not sure where to start, call our main office for assistance at (608) 478-5103.

How can you be more involved at Token Springs? A great place to start is by attending our SCO meetings via zoom or in person, or simply by participating in all of the activities and events that our SCO helps plan and coordinate. Watch your email for sign ups and events taking place. Classroom teachers will often remind you of upcoming school and classroom events in their weekly communication as well. You will find that your active involvement is what makes our school great.

Attendance: Please call the attendance line (608) 478-5100 and press #1 as well as letting your child’s classroom teacher know of the absence.

Why is attendance important?
It is the caregivers’ legal obligation as Parent/Guardian to ensure their child from the age of 6-18 attends school regularly (Wis. Stat. sec. 118.16). Regular attendance greatly impacts academic success starting as early as preschool, continuing through high school years. Caregivers play a key role in helping their child succeed with being able to get to school on time. Please take priority in ensuring your child's daily attendance.

School Hours
School hours for elementary students are 7:40am-2:40pm (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday), and 7:40am-1:30pm (Thursday). Students may begin entering the building at 7:30 am, as supervisors are on duty at that time. All Sun Prairie Schools offer breakfast at the start of school. The first day of school for the 2022-2023 school year is Tuesday, September 6, 2022. The last day of the school year is Friday, June 9, 2023.

Absence/Tardy Guidelines for Sun Prairie Elementary Schools
Regular school attendance helps students succeed. All nine elementary schools in our district recognize this and follow Wisconsin Statute 118.16 and School Board Procedure JE-R, Student Attendance Procedures. If students are absent or tardy, there needs to be an acceptable excuse for missing school. 

If a caregiver knows their child will need to miss school for an appointment, the school will need a phone call, email, or written note that includes the absence date(s) and reason in advance of the absence. Caregivers may excuse students from school for up to 10 days during a school year (five days per semester). Caregivers will be contacted when the school has concerns about a student’s attendance.

Reporting Absences
Student safety is very important to us! A caregiver MUST call the school attendance line before 9:00am if their child will not be attending school or will be late that day. 

If a student does not come to school and a caregiver has not called the attendance line by 9:00am, a safe arrival call will be made and the child’s absence may be listed as unexcused. If the safe arrival call is not answered, other efforts will be made to locate the student. 

We may ask for a written or medical excuse when the child comes back to school. 

Caregivers may report an absence 24 hours a day. Call the school attendance number at (608) 478-5100 and press 1. 

If a caregiver needs to pick up their child during the school day, it’s important that caregivers come to Door 1 by the SCHOOL OFFICE to meet the child and sign them out before leaving the building.

Did you know that Token Springs has a 3-year Theory of Action that helps guide our building goals? Established by TS educators during the summer of 2021, the following goals were developed in alignment with our district’s newly adopted Instructional Framework:

Goal 1: Develop a culture where all students experience an equitable and optimal learning environment.

Goal 2: Identify and utilize high-yield pedagogies to increase authentic engagement.

We look forward to a great year with you at Token Springs Elementary School!

Michael Marincic, Principal
(608) 438-5101

Lauren Toth, Associate Principal
(608) 438-5102