School Supply List

SP4K Supply List 2021-22

These supplies will be part of your home learning "tool kit".  Plan on keeping these supplies at home.  When we return to in-person learning, your SP4K site will provide all needed supplies. 

  • 1 Box 24 ct. Crayons 
  • 2—8 oz. Washable School Glue 
  • 6  Washable Glue Sticks
  • Washable markers 10 count
  • 1 pair school scissors - blunt tip
  • 1 Large Box of Tissues
  • Backpack
  • 1 Pocket Folder
  • 1 Full set of seasonably-appropriate clothing clearly labeled with your student's name

Please Note: The school supplies do not have to be new.  Students may use items that can be found at home.
Please contact your 4K school site for any additions/deletions to this list.

TRANSLATION STATEMENT: If a student or parent/guardian would prefer to have this information translated into Hmong, please contact us at 834- 6630. Yog tus me nyuam lub xiv los yog niam thiab txiv/tus neeg muaj cai saib xyuas tus me nyuam xav tau qhov ntawv ntawm no ua lus Hmoob, thov hais rau peb paub rau ntawm 834-6630. Si un estudiante, padre o` guardian prefiere tener esta informacion traducida en Espanol, por favor contactenos en el 834-6620.


School Supplies List