Sun Prairie Virtual School

Frequently asked questions about graduation.

The Sun Prairie Area School District partners with JEDI Virtual Charter School to provide a virtual school experience for our students. JEDI was created by a consortium of school districts to meet the needs of families that want the virtual school option.

Sun Prairie Virtual School (JEDI) offers a comprehensive curriculum that is aligned to Wisconsin standards taught by licensed teachers. Each student is guided by a Personal Education Plan which is cooperatively developed by the student, the parent, guidance and/or special education representatives, and a JEDI representative. Sun Prairie Virtual School provides learners the flexibility to go to school anytime and virtually anywhere they can access the Internet. They are also able to utilize resources in their district buildings, if they choose, including WIAA sports.

How Do I Enroll?

Students residing in the Sun Prairie Area School District may apply for enrollment through their school. Prospective students should work with their school guidance counselor and/or parents to determine if virtual learning is the right educational avenue. 

Guidance counselors make referrals to the counselor and principal of the Alternative Education Program.  The Guidance Counselor and Principal will consider each referral and make a final decision on enrollment. 


JEDI grades are submitted to the Sun Prairie Area School District Alternative School Office and entered onto student transcripts.


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