Family Engagement & Inclusion Plan

Below are the details that outline the Royal Oaks Family Engagement Plan.
(Download a PDF version of the Royal Oaks Family Engagement Plan)

You are a partner in the educational journey of every child, every day. The collaboration of our staff and caregivers is fundamental to supporting students to achieve their highest potential. 

Below are the details that outline the Royal Oaks Family Engagement Plan

To understand how working together can benefit your child, it is first important to understand the district’s and Royal Oak’s vision, mission, and goals for student academic achievement.

Sun Prairie School District Vision: To be a high-performing district of choice that reflects the cultures of our diverse community. 

Sun Prairie School District Mission: Futures depend on us to inspire and prepare every child, every day by providing relevant, engaging, and innovative learning experiences in and out of the classroom. 

At Royal Oaks Elementary, we believe:

Our school culture is built on the Rocket Way:

  • Cooperation,

  • Assertiveness, 

  • Responsibility,

  • Empathy, and 

  • Self-Control.

  • We are a team. Caregivers play an integral role in their child’s learning. We value and accept families as they are and believe they are their child’s best advocate. 

  • Communication between caregivers, students, and staff is a shared two-way responsibility and should be regular, meaningful, and relational. To effectively communicate, both parties must be aware of issues such as race, gender and sexual identity, ability, culture, and language. 

  • We believe in the importance of developing trusting, lasting relationships between our school, our caregivers, and the community. Our “doors” are always open!

  • We recognize and value the various identities within our diverse community. We recognize the impact these identities have on our communication and relationships.

  • Caregivers will be treated as full partners in the educational process and in decisions that affect the whole child - - socially, emotionally, and academically. 

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Who should I go to if I have a question about my child's education? 

    Please start with your child’s classroom teacher. The teacher may advise you to reach out to the more appropriate person if necessary. You can also access the contact information of all staff on our Royal Oaks website linked here

    How will the school share monthly news?

    Royal Oaks sends out a newsletter at the beginning of each month through Blackboard Connect. The monthly newsletter will then be archived on the Royal Oaks web page under “Newsletters”

    Teacher communication will vary; however, most teachers use Seesaw as a way to share what’s going on in the classroom. 

    What are some events that allow caregivers and families to engage with the Royal Oaks Community?

    We send invites through Blackboard Connect, Our Website, and Facebook to make sure that you know about upcoming events. Some examples of ways to engage during the school year would be:

  • Ready, Set, Go!

    • For the 2023/2024 school year 89% of Families participated in Ready, Set, Go

  • New Family Welcome Night 

    • We had 90 people attend the New Family Welcome Night 

  • ML Family Night 

    • 14 ML families attended ML Family Night 

  • Rocket Run

    • Our students ran over 8,974 laps raising money for our school.

  • Caregiver Conferences 

    • For the Fall 2023/2024 Parent/Caregiver Teacher Conferences 95% of caregivers attended

  • Watch Moms Of Marvelous Students/Dads Of Great Students Program

    • For the 2023/2024 school year 86/127 days have been filled 

  • Family Learning Nights

    • Information on this event will be coming soon. 

  • Read Your Heart Out 

  • Day of Music!  

    • Set for Tuesday, June 4th                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Royal Oaks School Community Organization (ROSCO) meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 in our Science Room. All Royal Oaks caregivers are members of ROSCO and all caregivers are welcome at all meetings. 


    ROSCO posts information throughout the year on the Royal Oaks web page; find their page here. They also have a Facebook page where updates and events are posted. 

    What should you do if you have a concern, question, or great idea? 

    If it is a classroom concern, we ask that you go directly through the classroom teacher first. If you are not sure where to start, call our main office for assistance at (608) 834-7203. 

    Attendance: Please call the attendance line (608) 834-7200 and press #1 to report a student absence. 

    We look forward to a great year with you at Royal Oaks Elementary School!


    James Ackley, Principal

    (608) 834-7201 


    Joan Bartel, Associate Principal 

    (608) 834-7254