Library Media Center

Check-out Guidelines: 

  • Students are allowed to check out up to four materials from the library at any given time, unless students have lost or misplaced items.   
  • Students are only allowed to check out two books at a time from one series. 
  • Students may place holds an item using Destiny Quest.  However, if they have four items checked out, they cannot place a hold.  When a held item becomes available, students will receive an e-mail.  Students have three days to retrieve that item from the LMC.
  • Students may pay fines for lost items in the main office. 

PVMS Library


If a student forgot or misplaced their SID (school-issued device), loaner SIDS are available to check out from the Library Media Center.  However, students must be in good standing (appropriate use of technology) to be able to check out a loaner SID. Those SIDs must be returned at the end of 9th period each day. Failure to return the SID or frequent repeated use of a loaner SID may result in an additional charge(s). 

* Please note, students do NOT need their SID to complete homework.  They can use any device that internet access (Care Giver laptop/desktop or tablet).