Athletic requirements for students participating in Prairie View sports:  If your student is interested in participating in athletics at Prairie View, he/she will need the following:

  1. Rules & Regulations Handbook AND Physical Form: Click on the link below for a copy of this updated form. Please sign the upper portion and the bottom form is to be signed by your physician and return. Forms can be emailed to    
  2. Concussion Acknowledgement Agreement: This will be acknowledged during the registration process, no paper copy needed.
  3. Athletic fee:  A one time $15 athletic fee which is good for all sports at Prairie View Middle School.

Available Sports 

  • Boys and girls Cross Country: 7th & 8th grade only    (September-October)
    Boys and girls running club;  6th graders.  These students will practice with the cross country students but WILL NOT attend meets. (September-October)
  • Girls volleyball; 7th & 8th grade only   (September-October)
  • Boys and girls wrestling; 6th, 7th, and 8th grade    (October-December) 
  • Boys basketball; 7th & 8th grade only    (October-December)
  • Girls basketball; 6th, 7th & 8th grades   (January-February) 
  • Boys and girls track; 7th & 8th grade only  (March-May); 


All students interested in participating in a sport for the 2023-2024 school year will need to have an Rules & Regulations Handbook AND Physical AND Concussion Form Bottom portion should be signed by a doctor and turned in before they can participate in any sport.  

Do you need a sports physical quickly?  Call CONCENTRA; they take walk- ins for sports physicals for $55.  You can call Concentra to schedule a physical exam for $55.  Concentra Urgent Care: 4260 E Towne Blvd (608)244-1213.  Completed physical exam forms  should be emailed to Mrs. Johnson at

2. Sign up for activities in Infinite Campus.  Don't know how?  Watch the video.  Still having trouble logging into IC?  If you have trouble logging in to the parent portal or do not know how to do that, please contact our tech department rep., Ms. Wendorf at 608-834-6546.  Or you are welcome to email Ms. Wendorf at:  

On October 19, 2023, the Sun Prairie District Wellness Clinic is offering free sports physicals for student-athletes that qualify for fee waivers (free/reduced lunch). To schedule an appointment, a parent/caregiver should call the clinic directly at 608-834-6977. 

3. Practice will start on September 6th.  You can find the practice and game schedule attached, as well as at this website:

Sports Sign-Up Information: (Available August 1st)

We are excited to announce the sports sign up is going to be done online! Watch this Video for help on signing up:  

The above forms can be turned into the main office or to your student's coach prior to the start of the season.  Student athletes CANNOT participate if these forms have not been turned in. (However, they are still encouraged to attend practices and be part of the team until the forms are completed.)

If you have any questions, please contact: 

Eliza Johnson

Note:  We encourage all in-person athletes to have their own transportation home, however, if you are a bus rider, you can take the activity bus home. 


Fall Sports:
Girls Volleyball
Girls and Boys Cross Country

Winter Sports:
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball

Spring Sport:
Girls and Boys Track and Field


Entrance Requirements for Entering Middle School and High School Events

Dear Sun Prairie Families,

As we gear up for our winter sports seasons, we would like to remind you about our entrance requirements for attending middle and high school athletic events. Students in grades 6 – 8 must enter with a parent or caregiver.

Students in grades K – 5 are required to enter and sit with an adult.

Things Students Can DO at Sun Prairie High School Games

  • DO realize that attendance at high school games is a privilege not a right.
  • DO plan to stay at the game. Once you leave, you may not re-enter.
  • DO be accompanied and supervised by an adult (18 or older) if:
    • Grades K – 5: enter and sit with an adult
    • Grades 6 – 8: must enter with an adult
  • DO have a valid school ID in order to get into the game if you are 6th-12th grade.
  • DO be willing to present your ID when event staff asks to see it.
  • DO leave athletic equipment, backpacks, and other non-essential items somewhere else.
  • DO realize any gang related activity will not be tolerated.
  • DO walk to the concession stands and restrooms. Loitering or running on the walkways is not acceptable.
  • DO refrain from throwing anything, anywhere, anytime during the game.
  • DO enjoy being with your friends at this community event.
  • DO support both teams with positive cheers.
  • DO understand school policy prohibits anything deemed to be disruptive, distracting, provocative, provoking, and/or intimidating that has a detrimental effect on the safe and educational atmosphere in the school environment. This includes identity-obstructive masks, full face paint, or any materials to be worn over the face during the school day or at school events.  The Sun Prairie Area School District expects our students to remain positive and will not tolerate any racial, sexual, or other offensive comments/actions/attire. 
  • DO act with Sun Prairie Pride and take responsibility for your actions.

In the event a student is choosing not to DO any of the rules listed above, the following will take place:

  • The student’s ID will be held and given to the student’s parent or principal.
  • The student will immediately be removed from the game and an attempt will be made to contact parents/guardians.
  • The student’s building principal will be contacted the following day.
  • The student may lose the privilege of attending future games.

Thank you for discussing this with your students. We look forward to a great season. 


Girls Basketball 2023