Our mission is to advance the choral arts through education, performance, and collaboration at the highest artistic level, fostering individual development and international relationships. 
The choir is a both an educational institution and an arts organization. The two are inextricably linked and intertwined. We believe that music is good for children and choral singing is a deeply wholesome, invigorating, enriching practice.



About Prairie View Choir

In 6th and 7th grade choir, we learn to sing a variety of different songs from classical, pop, musical theatre, and so on. Students will learn how to sing in a large group and have solo opportunities if they wish. Throughout the year we have four concerts where we perform after school as well a variety of fun music related field trips. The students have the option of seeing a live professional musical at the Overture Center in Madison and participating in our annual Solo & Ensemble Festival in February.

6th Grade Choir meets every other day for 40 minutes while 7th Grade Choir meets every day for 40 minutes and has a weekly minute small group lesson.

Meet the Director

Mrs. Hastreiter grew up in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin where she was actively involved in choir and musical productions. She earned her Bachelor of Music Education - Choral and General Music degree from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville in 2013. While at Platteville, she performed in numerous musicals as well as opera workshops.  She is excited to be singing with Midwest Choral Artists this fall. She is also the Drama Club and Pops Club advisor.

Mrs. Hastreiter strongly believes that there’s a uniqueness about music-making, and students know it. They know their music classes provide them a different way to experience learning. They know music is a place where they can explore, create, and be fully engaged, and challenged no matter at what their proficiency level is when they enter. It’s a place where lots of mistakes or missteps are made, but these are celebrated as means for growth. They know the thrill of working with others in an ensemble to create something new each time music is made. They know the thrill of having a means of expression that goes beyond words. They know the thrill of working on a piece of music to bring it to life through practice and performance. 

When not teaching, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, sewing and being active with her dog.


Emily Hastreiter

For more information, please consult the Prairie View Choir website.