Caregiver Engagement Plan

Caregiver Engagement Plan

2021-22 Caregiver Engagement Plan

Task:  Family Engagement Belief Statement:  We believe all students can and will learn and become active participants in the learning process as evidenced by specific-accelerated growth across content areas because they are equipped with skills and tools to use in their academic and life journey.

Task:  Identify the protocol for how caregivers can reach the school.  Email, phone numbers are included in every blackboard.  Blackboard MessengerStaff DirectoryPV Homebase

Task: Identify the opportunities for how parents can be involved in your school (SCO, Volunteer Opportunities, Etc.)  SCO, PVWAY Caregiver Team, Assemblies, Fun Run, Bring your caregivers to lunch.

Task:  Identify how the school leadership will work with caregiver leadership groups to help guide/support external investments with a lens for equity (i.e. donations to the school).

Task:  Identify how/how often the school will share important information with caregivers (emails, newsletter, social media, and Peachjar Flyers, etc.)  Weekly blackboard messages to caregivers go on sundays, Facebook Posts (at least 2-3 weeks)

Task:  Identify the attendance expectations for students and how these expectations for students and how these expectations are shared with caregivers.  If possible, share the consequences of chronic absenteeism on learning outcomes as well as the legal process. Attendance information to caregivers on 9/5/21.  Virtual communications on 9/5/21

Task:  Identify how and when this information is shared with caregivers - please include links to the external facing documents that showcase this work. Please note the frequency of the communications.  PV Homebase PV Website  Welcome Letter

Task:  Identify the important elements of your school's 100 Day Plan that should be/can be shared with caregivers to strengthen the partnership between school and caregivers.  Positive Caregiver Engagement

Task: Identify the caregiver leaders that assisted with your Caregiver Engagement Plan.  Please also identify if they were a co-creator or a reviewer of the plan.  Reviewers: 9/22/2021  Joy Matthews, Karen Anderegg, Cynthia Sandvick, Leanne Wege, Mandy Mommaerts, Sameera Chennareddy.