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There are two components to Drivers Education:

  • Summer School Online Classroom component

  • Behind the Wheel Training component (offered during non-school hours year round)


The required classroom portion of Driver’s Education, often referred to as Traffic Safety, is offered through a district Summer School online class. There are no classes for the required classroom portion offered during the regular school year.  An online class will be offered during the upcoming  Summer School.

All students who successfully completed the online Summer School required classroom program were sent Department of Motor Vehicles Classroom Completion Certificates by Mr. Jim Nelson, certified Driver's Education teacher.

The certificates were sent to the students’ district email and look like the following:

Student Name: Iam A. Student

Student DOB: 09/24/2007

Completion Date: 08/09/2023


School: 56560100 - SUN PRAIRIE HIGH SCHOOL

Instructor: 52396 - JIMMY L. NELSON

Auth Code: XXXX

Students should retain their DMV Classroom Completion Certificate as it is required to pursue Behind the Wheel Training and eventually a Drivers License.


Behind the Wheel is offered for $240 per student. 

This fee should be paid in full prior to the first scheduled driving lesson. 

This fee is non-refundable if the student does not pass or complete the class. 

Behind the Wheel is available to students who have successfully completed the Summer School required classroom portion of Driver’s Education who have received their Department of Motor Vehicles Classroom Completion Certificate.

Behind the Wheel (BTW) is offered and is scheduled before/after school and on weekends.  BTW is not offered during the school day.


The BTW application was sent with the instructions on what is required to all students who successfully completed the online required class and received their DMV Classroom Completion Certificate.

When the district Behind the Wheel scheduler receives the completed applications she will add the students to the listing.  When BTW positions are available, the scheduler will contact students to let them know the requirements and forms that must be completed and submitted for scheduling.

When students have met the requirements for scheduling for Behind the Wheel, the scheduler will contact them with the dates/times for participating in Behind the Wheel classes.

Once dates/times have been scheduled, those dates/times are non-negotiable.

Please note this component of the BTW application:

I understand that Students are expected to attend every scheduled driving time. If students cannot make their scheduled driving time, they must notify the coordinator via email at  a minimum 48 hours notice prior to their absence.  If a student does not notify the coordinator via email 48 hours prior to the scheduled driving time, the student will be charged a $50 fee and the Behind the Wheel completion form will be withheld until the fee is paid through the student’s Infinite Campus account.

I also understand that it may take up to three months to reschedule a missed session of BTW.

We strongly recommend students who are eager to rapidly complete their requirements to obtain a driver's license pursue a Private Driving School.  Numerous students have used this route to obtain their license.


___ Successfully complete Summer School Online Required Classroom Component of Drivers Ed

____ Retain your DMV Classroom Completion Certificate

____ Complete the BTW Application with all required information

____ Await an email from the district Behind the Wheel scheduler with further instructions

____ Submit completed, required documents to the scheduler

____ Notify the scheduler when you have received your driving permit from the DMV

____ Participate in all classes on scheduled dates/times.  

      Please note the $50 charge for any missed classes.

____ Pay fees through Infinite Campus before the first scheduled lesson.


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