Points of Pride

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Our Points of Pride

  • Prairie Phoenix Academy is the third high school and only alternative high school in the Sun Prairie Area School District.
  • Prairie Phoenix Academy houses multiple Alternative Education Programs. We offer an in-person alternative learning environment that promotes personalized learning in a smaller environment, accentuates Project Based Learning models and interdisciplinary/cross curriculum workshops. PPA also provides learning through the GED-Option-2 also known as the GEDO2 program for seniors. Sun Prairie Virtual School/JEDI as another alternative program that we oversee to support learners whose best style of learning is virtually.
  • Prairie Phoenix Academy is a Community School that collaborates with families and the community to embrace partnerships across Sun Prairie and Dane County in leveraging students' needs.
  • We pride ourselves on embracing the whole student through monthly community building activities, parent engagement, and community support.
  • PPA scholars are exposed to College and Career Readiness through partnership with Jobs for American Graduates also known as JAG program, college visits, and trade seminars.
  • PPA scholars have the same 25 credit attainment requirements as both of the comprehensive high schools.
  • PPA will continue to uplift a culture of care, focus on disrupting inequities, embed rigorous and coherent teaching practices, and engage in Restorative Practices.