Hi, come get informed with what is happening at PPA.

Information regarding material pick-up for students.  

PPA Materials pick-up Tuesday & Wednesday March 17&18 Families, please plan to come to Prairie Phoenix Academy at the times below, following your student’s last name alphabet to pick up their chromebook to have at home during the closure. In order to minimize crowd size and practice social distancing, materials pick up should follow the schedule below.

Last name, letter A-M  
Tuesday, March 17 7:30 am - 11:30 am  
Wednesday, March 18 12:30 pm - 4 pm  


  Last name, letter N - Z
  Tuesday, March 17 12:30 pm- 3:30 pm
  Wednesday March 18 7:30 am - 4 pm


If your child has their chromebook at home there is no reason to come to the building. If you need assistance in getting your child’s chromebook, please contact us. This is not a time to gather and meet one another. Please arrive at the building and we will have your student’s chromebook in the cafeteria for you and then exit the building promptly.

Thank you, Ms. B


Feb 3, 2020

Dear Phoenix Families, MARK YOUR CALENDARS: No school on Feb 21 - Staff Development Day Attendance matters! School starts at 8:00 and dismisses at 2:25. We have a closed campus for lunch, so students should be with us all day! Parents are not allowed to excuse kids for lunch, only for healthcare appointments or family emergencies. Students who have excessive absences will be having truancy meetings and could get referred to court, let’s get those kids in school!

Monthly credit reports - making progress! Please help your child set a goal that is reasonable but challenging. Let’s aim for 1 credit per month! That’s 20 artifacts per month. You will see what your child needs on their progress report. Set a goal with them to get that number of artifacts per month that they need for on-time graduation. There is no time to waste! Please talk with your child about putting their cell phone down while they are in school and focus on what the teachers are providing for their learning.

NO VAPING! - Have you seen the news stories about the dangers of vaping? Please keep this danger out of your child’s hands. We don’t want anyone to become seriously ill or otherwise impaired. Vaping at school is against the rules and can result in suspension. Help keep these out of the hands and mouths of our kids! Please know we are trying to keep kids from spending time in the washrooms where vaping is too common. Please check their pockets and keep those out of school!

We are super proud of how well so many of our scholars are doing. Credits are being earned and many kids are on their way to on-time graduation! We already have 4 seniors who are “graduated” early! Scholars who go to all their classes and take advantage of what is offered are making excellent progress. February is when we celebrate Black History. PPA scholars are participating in various events and we are scheduling a special luncheon and several guest speakers and field trips this month. Ask your child about participating in some of these activities!

Questions or concerns? Call me! Send me an email! Stop by!

-Ms. B (608) 834-6901 text/call me at (920) 723-7205

See the next letter for a personal note from Ms. B to you and your family.

January 31 2020

Dear Phoenix Families,

I’m writing to you with a great sense of care for you and your families. It has been the most special five years of my lengthy career as a teacher and principal to serve as the principal at Prairie Phoenix Academy.

I recently had a birthday and have reached the age where I can enjoy the benefits of retirement, so this is my note to you to let you know that I’m going to be leaving Prairie Phoenix Academy at the end of the 2019-20 school year to enjoy time with my family and to pursue some interests that are outside of my work as a principal.

Please know that this was not a quick and easy decision for me. And please know that I am committed to providing the students, families, and staff at PPA a smooth transition to welcome a new principal. The Sun Prairie Area School District is committed to meeting the needs of every child, every day, and the learning and growth in students that happens at Prairie Phoenix Academy is a high priority for the district leadership.

There will be a process in place very shortly to hire a new principal. Watch for more information in the next few days. PPA students will also have an opportunity to provide input.

Please know that I appreciate the partnerships that we have forged and I will continue to care for your child throughout the remainder of this school year at Prairie Phoenix Academy.

Warmly, “Ms B”