About Us

Prairie Phoenix Academy (PPA) is the Alternative High School in Sun Prairie Area School District. Prairie Phoenix Academy utilizes a workshop approach to have scholars work toward their high school credits with project-based and personalized learning experiences. This allows scholars to have a strong voice and a lot of choice in their learning experiences. PPA scholars work at their own pace to earn their high school credits based on showing evidence of their learning. This allows scholars who want flexibility and support to re-engage in academically challenging work and become career and college ready.

Some of our scholars may have risk factors that have created challenges to traditional school engagement. Alternative education allows educators a wide range of strategies to help scholars overcome risk factors that may be in their lives. Building community, competence, resilience, and social-emotional skills are all key parts of our work. All of our teachers have multiple certifications that allow them to do this work in a public school. We meet the needs of scholars who might not otherwise make it through high school in a healthy way. All the staff members at Prairie Phoenix Academy are committed to meeting the needs of our scholars and their passion for the work is seen in the power of the relationships they build with each scholar and family. 

Students who wish to come to PPA complete an application that helps them identify their goals and barriers in traditional school. Some times of the year there is a waiting list. When a spot opens up due to a graduation or other transition, the student and family come to PPA for a conversation in which the young person learns about our small school and then makes a decision as to whether Prairie Phoenix Academy is the school for them. The process of choice is important as it is sometimes the first decision a young person makes to give themselves a "fresh" start and really try to re-engage in their education.

Prairie Phoenix Academy serves students in grades 10-12.

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Our Points of Pride

  • Prairie Phoenix Academy is the third high school and only alternative high school in the Sun Prairie Area School District.
  • Prairie Phoenix Academy houses multiple Alternative Education Programs. We offer an in-person alternative learning environment that promotes personalized learning in a smaller environment, accentuates Project Based Learning models and interdisciplinary/cross curriculum workshops. PPA also provides learning through the GED-Option-2 also known as the GEDO2 program for seniors. Sun Prairie Virtual School/JEDI as another alternative program that we oversee to support learners whose best style of learning is virtually.
  • Prairie Phoenix Academy is a Community School that collaborates with families and the community to embrace partnerships across Sun Prairie and Dane County in leveraging students' needs.
  • We pride ourselves on embracing the whole student through monthly community building activities, parent engagement, and community support.
  • PPA scholars are exposed to College and Career Readiness through partnership with Jobs for American Graduates also known as JAG program, college visits, and trade seminars.
  • PPA scholars have the same 25 credit attainment requirements as both of the comprehensive high schools.
  • PPA will continue to uplift a culture of care, focus on disrupting inequities, embed rigorous and coherent teaching practices, and engage in Restorative Practices.