For the most up to date information about Patrick Marsh Orchestras, please visit our google site here: 
https://sites.google.com/sunprairieschools.org/orchestras/school-specific-information/patrick-marsh-middle-school "


6th and 7th grade orchestra focus to improve and develop the young musician in everyone. We continue from knowledge learned in 5th grade and is a continuation of skill and understanding. Students who have not participated in 5th grade orchestra and are looking to start in 6th grade orchestra should consider taking our Orchestra 101 course in the summer. In class, we work on skills that help us grow and develop as an ensemble. We work on more music to help us prepare for our 5 concerts in the school year. 6th grade orchestra meets every other day while 7th grade is an everyday elective. We also take part in events such as The Beyond the Notes Music Festival, WSMA Solo and Ensemble, see the Madison Symphony perform, as well as host local clinicians to work with our students. 

If you have any questions about Patrick Marsh Orchestra, please contact one of our teachers.

Mr. Bryce Sanville


Mr. Benjamin Kuhn