Points of Pride

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Our Points of Pride

  • We create a culture of care by implementing Restorative Practices and building community during SP30 using the Social Emotional Learning curriculum.
  • We have AVID school-wide, so all students have access to rigorous and coherent teaching.
  • Our ALP program has been reorganized so all students are able to experience relevant and exciting extensions of learning.
  • We have an amphitheater behind the building accessible to all students, and our new playground opened last spring. We also make use of the marsh located next to our school to provide students with integrated learning opportunities.
  • We offer several afterschool programs through Community Schools and Athletics.
  • We celebrate the diversity of our student body by honoring heritage months and highlighting notable figures during our morning announcements.
  • We partner with our SCO to support the work of staff and students and to lift up the voices of our families and caregivers through the co-creation of a family engagement plan.