Family Engagement & Inclusion Plan


2023-2024 Family Engagement Plan/Patrick Marsh

Family Engagement Belief Statement: 
Students are engaged in a learning process that is sensitive to their development & needs so that all students are growing academically, socially, emotionally & physically.

Identify the protocol for how families can reach the school: 
Email, phone numbers are included on every Blackboard. Facebook Page, Phone, PM Home Page. 

Identify the opportunities for how parents can be involved in your school (SCO, volunteer opportunities, etc.):
Community School Site Leadership Team, Diverse Parent Council, PBIS Team, Assemblies, Fun Run, Talent show, World Culture Fair, Spring Block Party, Coaching

Identify how the school leadership will work with family leadership groups to help guide/support external investments with a lens for equity (i.e., donations to the school):
Our PMMS Caregiver team will engage in opportunities with our E-Team to learn about inequities in our system and set goals aligned with the PM 100 Day Plan. We also have family groups for our stakeholders to join.  Join the Diverse Parent Team and Community Schools Site Leadership team. Reach out to Nehemirah Barrett -  or Sonia Spencer -

Identify how/how often the school will share important information with families (emails, newsletter, social media, Peachjar flyers, etc.):
Blackboard messages to caregivers, Monthly Newsletter (Smores), Facebook posts (at least 2-3 per week), emails from each House to caregivers.

Identify the attendance expectations for students and how these expectations are shared with families. If possible, share the consequences of chronic absenteeism on learning outcomes and the legal process:  
The caregivers’ legal obligation as Parent/Guardian is to ensure their child from the age of 6-18 attends school regularly (Wis. Stat. sec. 118.16). Research shows that chronic absenteeism negatively impacts a child’s academic success, increases a child’s likelihood of dropping out of school, and puts the child at risk for interacting with the criminal justice system.  Caregivers play a crucial role in helping their children succeed in getting to school on time. Please take priority in ensuring your Scholar's daily attendance.

When your child is absent, please call the attendance line, leave your name and phone number, your student’s name, and the reason for the absence.  Absence from school without a legitimate excuse is considered truancy, resulting in truancy papers being filed with the municipal court. Refer to the Behavioral Responses and Policy JE.

SPASD Student Attendance Policy

Identify how and when this information is shared with families - please include links to the external-facing documents that showcase this work. Please note the frequency of the communications. 
 PMMS WebsiteWelcome LetterMonthly Newsletter (Smore)

Identify the essential elements of your school’s 100 Day plan that should be/can be shared with families to strengthen the partnership between school and families: 
Staff will be given a list of ALL the students at PMMS.  Staff will put their initials next to each student they feel a strong connection with to help establish strong relationships with students and families.

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