Points of Pride

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Our Points of Pride

  • The mission of Meadow View Elementary School is to support the leadership, academic, and emotional development of ALL staff and students. Our school prioritizes collaboration to unite ALL voices each and every day.
  • Meadow View is the most diverse elementary school in Sun Prairie, with a school community that includes students from numerous countries, such as Canada, Sweden, Ukraine, Kosovo, Sri Lanka, India, China, Togo, Germany, The Gambia, Thailand, Peru, Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Jamaica, South Korea, the Dominican Republic, Laos, Saudi Arabia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and more.
  • Many of our students and teachers speak more than one language, including Spanish, French, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Wolof, Mandarin, Thai, Ukrainian, German, Hmong, and more.
  • We are committed to honoring and celebrating the cultural diversity and backgrounds of all our staff, students, and families. Some of our monthly celebrations include Hispanic Heritage Month, American Indian Heritage Month, Hmong New Year, African American History Month, National Women’s History Month, Asian Pacific Heritage Month, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Pride Month, and more.
  • Meadow View Elementary has embarked on an exciting journey to enhance student engagement and empower young leaders through the implementation of the Leader in Me program. Since its introduction in the fall of the 2022 school year, the program has focused on leadership, communication, problem-solving, and collaboration. This aligns with our school's objective of nurturing academic and lifelong achievements. By embracing the seven habits, Meadow View establishes a shared language and framework, fostering intentional skill development among staff and students.
  • Our students and staff demonstrate kindness, leadership, and collaboration by practicing "The Otter Way": Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Kind.
  • We work in close proximity with our SCO leaders in organizing engaging and culturally responsive family events and opportunities, such as the Fall Festival and family nights. We are eager to increase the number and diversity in our SCO team.