Family Engagement Guide

Dear Meadow View Community,

Below are the details that outline the Meadow Family Engagement Plan for 2023 - 2024.

To understand how working together can benefit your child, it is first important to understand the district’s and school’s vision, mission, and goals for student academic achievement.  

Sun Prairie School District Vision: To be a high-performing district of choice that reflects the cultures of our diverse community.

Sun Prairie School District Mission: Futures depend on us to inspire and prepare every child, every day by providing relevant, engaging, and innovative learning experiences in and out of the classroom.


At Meadow View Elementary, we believe:

  • All students can learn. If they don’t learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn.

  • We hold high expectations for all students.

  • Behavior is a form of communication.

  • Our diversity is our strength.

  • Through activism and celebrating our student's diversity, we prepare them to be members of our community

Goals for 2023 - 2024

Goal 1

  • We will increase the literacy and numeracy proficiency of our Brown and Black students and will reduce the opportunity gap.

Goal 2

  • We will create an environment where students will experience high levels of engagement and a sense of belonging as part of their daily school experience.

Goal 3

  • By analyzing and applying the adult learning framework, we will become highly productive PLC’s

Goal 4 - Teacher Effectiveness

  • By analyzing and applying the Learning Partnership Adult Learning framework, we will create stronger relationships with students.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who should I go to if I have a question about my child’s education? Please start with your child’s classroom teacher.  If the teacher can’t answer this, the teacher will advise you to reach out to the appropriate person. Parents can use seesaw to communicate with classroom teachers

How will the school share monthly news?  Meadow View sends out a monthly newsletter on the first day of each month through Blackboard Connect.  The monthly newsletter will then be archived on the Meadow View web page under “Newsletters”. Grade Level teachers will send a classroom newsletter at least twice a month.

What should you do if you have a concern, question, or great idea?  If it is a classroom concern, we ask that you go directly through the teacher first. If you are not sure where to start, call our main office for assistance at (608)478-5000.


We believe our SCO and parent community are imperative pieces to support our  goals. As we get to know our families, we will be able to create optimal learning environments for our students. 

Our MV leadership team has created a  Monthly Calendar theme to guide our actions. The purpose of the Calendar is to celebrate and highlight many of our students' cultures and their traditions. Teams of faculty and staff members will be in charge of coordinating activities and opportunities during each  month. We would like our SCO team to partner with the MV faculty and staff in the coordination of 3 family nights during the 21-22 school year as part of action steps to accomplish our Goal 2.

Our SCO group has been instrumental in supporting teachers and making them feel loved and appreciated. MV and the SCO leadership have agreed to continue the tradition of celebrating our staffs’ hard work with a meal during the following occasions:

  • Beginning of the year (lunch provided by MV)

  • Light Breakfast during the beginning of the year (provided/coordinated by SCO)

  • During Teacher Parent Conferences (Lunch provided/coordinated by SCO)

  • Teacher appreciation week  (Lunch provided/coordinated by SCO)

  • End of the year snacks  (Provided by MV)

  • End of the year lunch (Lunch provided by MV)

Our School Community Organization (SCO) meets monthly on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in our LGI.  All Meadow View families are members of our SCO and all families are welcome to the meetings.

We will be sending invites via Blackboard, our website, and Facebook to make sure that you know about upcoming events.  We have both staff and SCO-initiated events each month.

Finally, we would love to have parents volunteer more often in our school . Our SCO and MV leadership are exploring the possibility of creating a rotating calendar where parents can sign in during lunch and recess to come and play with the students. In the past we have been noticing how important it is for students to have role models during unstructured times. This is a perfect opportunity to practice kindness and empathy through play, growth mindset, teaching kids to collaborate and negotiate, and other social skills.


We look forward to a great year with you at Meadow View Elementary School!




Cynthia Bell, Principal 



Lindsay Earhart, Associate Principal



Tess Weinheimer, SCO President 


The goal of sharing this guide is to help you find the pathways to partnership that your school has set up for families. You are essential to student success and that you belong as a part of your student’s school community. All parents and caregivers are essential partners in every child's educational journey. The collaboration of our staff and families is fundamental to supporting students in achieving their highest potential.

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