Principal Welcome

Welcome to Horizon Elementary School - home of the Red Tailed Hawks!  
At Horizon, we value our parents, students, staff, and other community members working together to make our school a great place to learn.  We have approximately 360 students and approximately 60 staff members at Horizon in our Kindergarten through 5th grade school. Our staff knows that social and emotional learning plays an equal role to our students’ success as academic learning, and at Horizon, you will see intentional Responsive Classroom practices in action to create safe, joyful, and engaging classroom communities.
Students participate in literacy, math, science and social studies.  Our students also participate in “specials” classes that include physical education, health, art and music.  Horizon also offers various clubs for our students to participate in either before or after school. 
Our behavior matrix slogan is SOAR with Kindness.  Our focus words include safety, ownership, attitude, respect, and kindness.  Our attitude focus is using a growth mindset.  We learn about these words and their meanings throughout the school year, and we recognize our students as they show these behaviors.  
We welcome and appreciate parents in our school.  Come volunteer.  Attend our SCO monthly meetings, or find another way to help out our School Community Organization.  Check out other parts of our webpage for more information. Again, we welcome you to our school!
Yours in education,
Michelle Kelly, Principal
Michelle Kelly

Michelle Kelly

Principal - Elementary
School: 6088347901
Kelley Goplen

Kelley Goplen

Associate Principal - Elementary
School: 6088347907