Hawks Helpers

Hootie the red-tailed hawk's face

Horizon is bringing back Hawks Helpers, formerly known as WatchDogs, this school year beginning in mid-September. The program helps provide positive adult role models for our students, demonstrating by their presence, that education is important.

This year the volunteers can be any important adult role model to the Horizon student, not limited to just males as in years past.

To sign up, simply email or call Serena Osen at ssosen@sunprairieschools.org or 608.834.7902.

We ask that you limit your volunteer days to two (2) mornings per student. You are welcome to eat lunch with your child during their designated lunchtime before leaving the school. We will have you follow your child's schedule for the half day. If you have more than one Horizon student, you can divide your morning up among all students or you can come to Horizon the same number of half days as you have students here.

We can have two (2) volunteers per half day; however, we request one volunteer per grade level each morning.

All Hawks Helpers must have a background check on file before volunteering at Horizon. Here is the application: https://apps.raptortech.com/Apply/MTk1MDplbi1VUw==

When you arrive on your day, be sure to sign in at the office. Bring your ID with you on your volunteer morning.