Horizon Elementary

All Horizon staff sitting in front of school
students drumming in gym

Students participating with Dancing Drum company.

Kindergarteners running with Hootie cheering them on
1st Graders Running Hootie Hustle
2nd graders running the Hootie Hustle
3rd graders running the Hootie Hustle
4th graders running Hootie Hustle
5th graders running the Hootie Hustle
Staff & students in West Wolves gear
Fire Truck & crew speaking to students outside of school
Students on rug in circle w/ hands in the middle

School Calendar

Wear gold & red to show love & acceptance to learners with Autism.

all day

April is our celebration of Hmong Pride and Asian Heritage! Students will be presenting informational videos during our Friday Nighthawk News programs. Teachers will have opportunities to create Hmong inspired decorations with their classes. On April 26, Ms. Pakue Lee will be directing our first ever Hmong Fashion Show. We encourage Hmong and other Asian groups to wear our traditional clothes on the 26th.

If you are interested in presenting a slide show about your Asian culture to classes and/or are interested in participating in our Fashion Show please contact us by April 3rd at plee1@sunprairieschools.org (Ms. Pakue Lee) or blgrau@sunprairieschools.org (Mr. Bryan Grau). Ua tsaug!

Welcome to Horizon Elementary - Home of the Red Tailed Hawks!

Our focus words include kindness, ownership, safety, perseverance, and flexibility. We continue to re-introduce these words and their meanings throughout the school year to our students and will recognize students who show stellar behaviors in these areas.

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