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Our Athletic Office has updated our Clubs List for 2019-2020.

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Homecoming information

All SPHS students are welcome.

All students must bring their student ID.  (No ID, no admittance.)

All students must buy a ticket either the week of homecoming during lunches for $15 or that night at the door for $20.  Tickets are non-refundable.

Guests from other schools MUST be students and have a student ID.  In order for guests to attend, SPHS students must have the guest permission slip turned into the office by noon on October 11.  Guests from other schools must be accompanied by their SPHS student at the door.

Semi-formal dress code is enforced:  no hats, no bandanas, no headgear; no shorts or jeans; shirts must have a collar; dresses or skirts as well as tops must be an appropriate length; absolutely NO backpacks.

The homecoming court is announced at 9:30pm and royalty will be named then.

NO ONE will be admitted into the dance after 9:30pm.

Once a student leaves the dance they are not permitted to return.