Scholarship Details


Application Deadline: Apr. 15, 2021

Award Amount: $750

How to Apply:

We feel that there should be more individuals who reach out to the students with Autism to support the teaching staff and special education staff to help with social and emotional support. We would like to award this scholarship to a student who has exhibited their efforts to support other students who have disabilities and who have shown what "Autism Awareness" looks like at school and in the community. 

Preference will be given to individuals who are on the Autism Spectrum, persons with a sibling on the Autism Spectrum, and students who wish to enter the field of study to do research in search of a cure for Autism.  No GPA minimum is required. 2 character/merit references must be submitted with your application--at least one from a staff member at SPHS.

Please submit your essay of 500-1000 words about why you are a good fit for this scholarship. A video application may be submitted in place of a written application. Email application materials to (Subject Line: ECO-FRIENDLY FLOORING AUTISM SUPPORT SCHOLARSHIP)


Donor Information:

Eco-Friendly Flooring Inc.

Melissa and Robert Clements