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Application Deadline: Aug. 1, 2021

Award Amount: $6,000

How to Apply:

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Full instructions and application can be found here

Talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not.

Inequality of opportunity is pronounced in the Black community in many different realms. Its prevalence in education is particularly important because education is one of the most powerful determinants of access to opportunity.

Even though the national college retention rate is 76%, for Black students, the national college retention rate is 52.1%. These disparities are caused in part by system inequalities in low-income areas.

To support an ambitious and determined Black student who may not have the financial backing to pursue their dreams, the Brandon Zylstra Road Less Traveled Scholarship will be awarded to two Black high school students who plan to attend college. This scholarship is just one of our many exciting scholarships for Black students.

To apply, please write about what you’re passionate about, what steps you plan to take toward a career involving this passion, and one time when you overcame tremendous adversity to excel despite the odds.

All Black students studying in the US are eligible to apply for this scholarship!