The process of searching for scholarships can be very overwhelming but well worth it in the end.  Remember, the more time and energy you put into completing scholarship applications, the more scholarships you will receive.  Please use the information below to help in your search.


Students, Please Remember:

  • All scholarship applications should be typed,
  • and letters of recommendation should be requested at least two weeks before your deadline!


Chelsea Saldana
School Counselor

  • groups/organizations looking to add their scholarship to our webpage 
  • SPHS Scholarship Night questions

Annette Intveld
Counselor/Scholarship Chairperson

  • community businesses/organizations needing information on community/local scholarship process
  • chairperson for SPHS Scholarship Night

Important Scholarship Information

Deadline Information

Important Deadline Information

Scholarships have a variety of criteria that applicants must meet.  Students are responsible for deadlines and materials sent to scholarship agencies.  If you need letters of recommendation or other materials from teachers, community persons, counselors, administrators, or the secretary, request these materials well in advance of the deadline.  If you wait, persons may not be available or have time to assist you. 

list of available scholarships

Scholarships will be posted here as we are notified of them.  Local and Community scholarship applications will become available late January to early February.

Scholarship information updated: 9/6/2019

Date Range

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation may be used for many different scholarships, therefore, keep a file of these letters for future use.  Another list that is helpful for you to develop and use for a variety of scholarship applications is a list of your activities, leadership roles, awards, etc.  If you can be somewhat organized and personally responsible, applying for scholarships need not be overly time consuming. 

Good luck in your scholarship work!

Many teachers like to be provided with a Brag Sheet about you to assist them in writing their letter of recommendation. 

Scholarship Search Process

Scholarship Search Process

  1. Search on our Student Services Website weekly below for new scholarships.  
  2. You should receive scholarship applications from the colleges that you applied to.  If not, check on each school's website, searching the word "scholarships" in the search bar.  
  3. UW System School Scholarship websites can be found online in one collective location
  4. Various organizations in the Sun Prairie area community sponsor scholarships just for Sun Prairie High School students called the Local Scholarship.  Complete the Local Scholarship application, which will become available on the Scholarship Website in January 2020, and will be due to Student Services no later than 3:30 pm on Friday, March 6, 2020.
  5. Complete corporate sponsored scholarships such as Burger King, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Target, Coca-Cola (applications usually due in October—check their website for the application).

FREE Websites for Scholarship Searches

Additional Tips

Additional Tips

  • Never pay for free money!  Scholarships should be FREE to apply!
  • GOOGLE!  Enter the words “Scholarships for ___________” and fill in the blank with anything that pertains to you.  Ex:  Blue eyes, left handed, soccer, flute, etc. 
  • Apply for scholarships that provide you the least amount of work for the most amount of gain.
  • Apply similar pieces of information to multiple scholarships (ex:  Using essays more than once).
  • Complete your FAFSA – anytime after October 1, 2019.
    • Date and Time to be determined for 2019-20
    • Locations and times to be found on the website
    • Bring necessary materials – list to be found on the website as well. 



When:  Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Time:    6:00pm
Where: SPHS Performing Arts Center

What:   Scholarship Awards Night is a program for our local and community scholarship donors to present a high school student recipient with their scholarship award.  ONLY students receiving a scholarship or award at this event will receive an invitation in the mail approximately two weeks before the event.  As many donors prefer to award funds privately, not receiving an invitation does not mean students are not receiving awards; they will just not be receiving that award at this event.

We are extremely proud of all our students who have received scholarships and awards from other outside organizations, colleges and/or universities.  As much as we'd like to recognize these students at this event, we limit this evening to our community donors.  Students will have the opportunity to submit awards they have received so we can recognize their scholarship awards in the Scholarship Night printed program as well as the graduation ceremony program.