National Honor Society (NHS)

What is NHS?
Group of NHS students at the kindness retreat

National Honor Society is a national organization that recognizes outstanding high school students in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership and character. Membership in NHS challenges students to develop further in these areas through involvement in school and community service. In Sun Prairie, National Honor Society membership occurs during a student’s senior year.

Who is eligible for NHS?
Students are eligible for membership in Sun Prairie’s Chapter of the National Honor Society if they have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher through five semesters of high school.  Students who transfer to Sun Prairie High School as a senior and meet this requirement are also eligible to apply. 

How do I apply for NHS membership?
Recruitment for NHS occurs during third quarter of a student’s junior year. Students eligible for membership will receive an invitation by mail to complete an application.  The application for membership looks at rigor of a student’s coursework, involvement in school activities and leadership experience. Each applicant’s attendance, behavior, and character are also considered.

What does membership in NHS entail?
NHS members are expected to complete school and community service work each semester.  Members must also demonstrate continued scholarship, leadership and character throughout senior year. Members who meet these expectations will earn a recognition stole to be worn at graduation.


Rebecca Griffin
Head Advisor

Steve Braatz
Assistant Advisor