Bell Schedule

Sun Prairie High School - Daily Hours

The Bell Schedule is 8:00 am - 3:14 pm Monday through Friday.

Our Classes are 87 minutes.

Passing time between classes is 7 minutes when all students are passing after a block and 5 minutes passing when partial students are passing or after Cardinal 30. Daily we have a 30 minute Cardinal. 

The bell indicates the beginning or the end of a period, however dismissal for students from a class is determined by the teacher or supervisor.

Announcements will be read by Seniors during 2nd period.

Daily Block Schedule

Our 2018-19 Regular Daily Block Schedule

Regular Block Schedule

Regular A/B Day Block Schedule 2019-20

First page of the PDF file: ACFrOgC1Jjd5drpvxgFGPM2-CBcbQp7oNnJmMp2Cjm28pX2EnvygiZV2Yz7Dm11Qp4XeklwUMNJJXHFcN0gUnzf18uj8-2_b7


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2 Hour Delay Block Schedule

Coming soon!