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Forms Needed Each Year:



  ~ once each year


  • Check the alternate year box if you don't need a new physical. You still turn in the form for your first sport of the year, even if it's the alternate year.
  • If you have a separate doctors form, we can attach it to this form.
  • Doctors form must include clinic stamp, physician's signature & date of physical.
  • We don't accept the clinic "summary of the visit" information sheet given to patients.


 ~ once each year


 ~ for each sport

This serves as the coach's emergency contact card for each student-athlete.

A gold card (practice permission card) is attached to the blue card when the student signs up at the athletic office, if all forms are in and the student is cleared to start.

The blue card with the gold attached is taken by the student-athlete to the coach on the first day of practice or before. The gold card lets the coach know the athlete has been cleared to start by the athletic office.

For Each Additional Sport in the Same School Year:

~ blue card

Where Do I Turn in the Forms?
All forms must be turned in to the high school athletic office to sign up for a sport for grades 9-12. When all forms are in a gold practice permission card will be issued to the student to submit to the coach on the first day of practice.

The high school athletic office is located just inside the front doors of the high school to your right.

Freshman Students at Cardinal Heights:
For the winter and spring sports seasons, you can sign up during the freshman lunch at Cardinals Heights.  Listen for announcements as to when we will have a table set up during the freshman lunch for you to pick up and turn in sports forms. We come over about 4 times prior to the start of the winter & spring sports seasons, usually on Wednesday's.


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