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Shelley Joan Weiss
Military Family Liaison

Welcome Military Families

We are thankful to all veterans for their service to our country and to all military families for the sacrifices they make for that service. We stand in support of the military families living in our District, and we take seriously the responsibility of providing unmatched educational opportunities to students of military households while accommodating their unique needs. Every child, every day.

Purple Up for Military Kids - Month of the Military Child

April is the Month of the Military Child

It’s officially April. We love that April means spring is here, but we also love that April is the “Month of the Military Child,” and we get to honor the military children in our district and throughout the United States. The Sun Prairie Area School District is proud to recognize our military children and their families, as well as the many staff members and their families who have served or are serving in the military.

The Month of the Military Child started in 1986 when Secretary of Defense Casper W. Weinberger realized that no one was recognizing the sacrifice that military children make by having one or both parents in the military. He thought that military children were inspirational in how they handled hard situations, like being separated from family members due to deployment and frequently moving.

Did you know…

  • There are approximately 2 million military children, ranging in age from newborn to 18 years old
  • We have just under 10,000 school-aged children who are military children in Wisconsin
  • Military families relocate 3 times more often than civilian families on average, every 2-3 years
  • Since 2001, more than 2 million children have had a parent deployed at least once
  • 1/3 of school-age military children show psychosocial and trauma-induced behaviors such as being anxious, worrying often, and crying more frequently than other children
  • The repeated and extended separations and increased hazards of deployment compound stressors in military children’s lives

In order to honor and reach out to children who are dealing/have dealt with a parent or both parents in the military, we ask that everyone Purple Up. Purple references the joint environment of the military, encompassing all service branches, Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, and Veterans. Purple combines each branch's colors into one: the Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard all use shades of blue, the Army uses green, and the Marines use red.We invite everyone to wear purple during the week of April 15th as a visible way to show support and thank military children for their strength and sacrifices.  Each school may choose the date on which they want to celebrate the military children in their school.

Even though these “Month of the Military Child” events are taking place in April, there are many organizations that work year round to better the lives of military children. Here’s a few of the organizations that work hard to recognize military children and the sacrifices they have to make.

Military children make many sacrifices by having a parent or both parents in the military, so we are thankful for the staff in the Sun Prairie Area School District and the organizations that help to make April a fun month for the children being affected, as well as the organizations who work with military families all year round. Remember to wear your purple the week of  April 15th to show your support!

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