Drivers Education

Traffic Safety Class

The Summer School program will offer the required 30 hours of classroom instruction, referred to as Traffic Safety class.  This class is only offered during Summer School.

  • Please watch for information on the Summer School Traffic Safety Class in student emails in the spring and on the SPASD Summer School website.

Behind the Wheel Training

The district will offer the required Behind the Wheel (BTW) instruction for students under 18 years of age.  Driving times are scheduled through the District Support Center (DSC) and sent via email to students.  BTW instruction will be offered to students who have successfully completed the required 30 hours of classroom instruction in the district and when Certified Driver's Education teachers are available during the summer and school year.

  • The Sun Prairie Area School District Drivers Ed program does not maintain a waitlist. Students must have successfully completed the required 30 hours of Traffic Safety class (offered through Summer School only) to apply for Behind the Wheel training. Students who successfully complete the classroom portion will receive a certificate of completion in their district email. When applying for Behind the Wheel, the students will be sent information on the forms that must be completed and submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a temporary driving permit.
  • Students who have completed Traffic Safety Class in-district may submit the Behind the Wheel Application to be added to the list for future scheduling.
  • Students who complete BTW in the district will be emailed their completion certificate and information on arranging a test for a license at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Due to limited opportunities within the district we encourage students who are eager to complete their license to pursue Private Driving Schools.

Forms Students Need

Students Pursuing a Temporary License

This information includes details on the two forms students are required to have.

  • If students completed their required 30 hours of classroom instruction - Traffic Safety prior to JUN 2022, they may not have received their DMV classroom completion certificate via email. (See the classroom completion form in the information above). All students who complete their training in district will receive theirDMV classroom and BTW completion certificates via their student district email starting in JUN 2022.
  • 18 year olds do not have to take a BTW class and do not have to pursue a Temporary License.
  • All testing is done at the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Students with Car


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