Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports emphasizes:
  • optimizing academic instruction.
  • teaching expected behaviors.
  • modeling and practicing expected behaviors.
  • reinforcing expected behaviors.
  • pre-correcting to ensure expected behaviors are displayed.

At Eastside, we are striving to teach behaviors like we teach academics!

It is our belief that students will not understand what is expected unless we teach them.

Learning Eastside Expectations

In order for students to learn our expectations, we must teach them.  The following is a 5 step guideline staff is using at Eastside to teach expectations.

1.  Define the Expectations:  Clearly explain what the expectations mean and what the expectations look like in all settings.

2.  Teach, Model, and Practice the Expectations:  Have students practice, and practice following the expectations in all settings.  It is important to point out what each student did well and what each student can improve upon.

3.  Remind Students of the Expectations:  Remind the students of the expectation by verbally giving pre-corrections or modeling the expected behavior in each setting.

4.  Celebrate the Students following the Expectations:  Continually and consistently praise and recognize the students for following through on what you taught them.

5.  Re-teach the Expectations:  Continually go over the expectations to begin the day and before activities.