Traffic Safety & Security

Your student's safety is our number one concern. Read about our traffic safety plan below.


General Traffic Safety Information

ALL Visitors:   Must show picture ID in the Main Office.  Visitor Badge will be issued at that time. Please let the main office know when you are leaving.

Crossing guard holding up a safety first sign

Parent pick up/Drop off area 

Enter on Schuerell/Exit onto Schuerell

1. Pull as far forward as possible before dropping off or picking up

2. Remember to pull forward as space opens up 

3. Students need to exit and enter cars on the passenger side

4. Wait for cars in front of you to pull forward and leave, do NOT pull into the drive through lane – for your safety and that of others

5. Do not park or leave your vehicle in the drop off lane

6. Do not drop your child off on Elizabeth Lane

7. Thank you for helping the Eastside Community be safe for our students