The process of searching for scholarships can be very overwhelming but well worth it in the end.  Remember, the more time and energy you put into completing scholarship applications, the more scholarships you will receive.  Please use the information below to help in your search.


Students, Please Remember:

  • All scholarship applications should be typed,
  • and letters of recommendation should be requested at least two weeks before your deadline!


Annette Intveld
Counselor/Scholarship Chairperson

Important Scholarship Information

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation may be used for many different scholarships, therefore, keep a file of these letters for future use.  Another list that is helpful for you to develop and use for a variety of scholarship applications is a list of your activities, leadership roles, awards, etc.  If you can be somewhat organized and personally responsible, applying for scholarships need not be overly time consuming. 

Good luck in your scholarship work!

Many teachers like to be provided with a Brag Sheet about you to assist them in writing their letter of recommendation.