High School Pool

Welcome to the Sun Prairie High School Swimming Pool!

We are located at 888 S. Grove St. , Door 20,

Sun Prairie High School, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.


Sun Prairie High School Covid-19 Protocol for Lap/Open Swim


1. Arrive to the pool and walk right into door 20. Come to the front desk and a lifeguard will check you in!


2. We ask that you come swim ready in your swimsuit and be prepared to leave wearing your wet swim suit! 

3. The only restrooms that will be available are the Family Dressing Room located on the pool deck and in the lobby. 

4. Do not store your items in the Family Dressing room as there is very limited space. Bring your items out onto the pool deck and place them in a black chair or on the marked spots on the silver bleachers. 

5. Please shower off in either shower before entering the pool so we can maintain good water balance. 

6. Be prepared to leave wet since there is limited space in the Family Dressing room. We ask that you leave wet. 


7. We ask that you remove your street shoes before entering the pool area. Your shoes will bring in debris from outside and can make the air quality very poor. Either bring shoes specifically for the pool or simply remove your street shoes and carry them across the deck to your spot. Please do not put your shoes on until you are back out in the pool lobby. 

8. Face coverings should be worn up until you are entering the pool. You can leave your face covering at your spot while you are swimming. When you are done swimming please put your face mask back on. 


Swimmers 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult or responsible person age 16 or older. 
Children 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult or responsible person age 16 or older in the water


Sun Prairie Swim and Dive

Kirsten Vetterli Aquatic Manager 608-834-6850 Click for email

Welcome to the Sun Prairie High School Aquatic Center. Our pool is a 25 yard, 8 lane swimming pool as well as 2 diving boards. The water is kept at 81-84 degrees and is disinfected via chlorine as well as a new AOP system. The pool is equipped with a Colorado Timing System as well as a state of the art scoreboard.

During the school day the pool is busy with physical education and lifeguarding classes. The Sun Prairie Cardinal Swim and Dive teams practice before and after school. In the evening typically from 6-9 pm the age group swim programs are practicing in the pool. 

We encourage you to come and check out the pool. It is a great place to be.

Click on the Cardinal for summer swim lesson information. 

Daily pool rates

Youth - Resident $2.00
Youth - Non-Resident $3.00
Adult - Resident  $3.00
Adult - Non-Resident


Ages 3 and under  Free

discounted pass rates Resident

1 month single $25
3 month single/family $50/$75
12 month single/family $100/$150


discounted pass rates       non-Resident

1 month single $35
3 month single/family $75/$100
12 month single/family $150/$175
  • 10% Senior Citizen Discount (60+) *3 month and yearly only.
  • 10% SP School Student Discount *3 month and yearly only.


Be sure to check the pool calendar for open swim and lap swim times. Times change based on school activities. 

We hold 2 lanes open for lap swimming Monday - Friday 6:15-9 PM unless there are swim meets or other events scheduled. Please check the calendar for morning lap swimming as this schedule changes occasionally. Typically the lap lanes must be shared by 2-6 swimmers who are able to circle swim or water walk. 

Lap swimmers must be 11 years of age or older unless there is open swim as well. 

Open swim is on the weekends typically from 12-4pm unless there is a scheduled swim meet or pool rental which would be indicated on the pool calendar. Open swim is for all ages. We usually have the diving boards available as well as a few lanes for lap swimmers. Feel free to bring safe water toys to open swim. We have life jackets and water walking belts available as well. Life jackets cannot be worn in the diving well. Swimmers must be able to pass a deep water test to use the deep water area. 

NOTE - Swimmers 10 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult or responsible person age 16 or older. Children 6 and under MUST be accompanied in the water by an adult or responsible person age 16 or older.