Family Engagement Plan


School-Parent Engagement Plan

Sun Prairie High School

2021 – 2022

Dear SPHS Family and Friends,

Sun Prairie High School faculty, scholars, and families agree that this plan outlines how the parents, the school staff, and the scholars will share the responsibility for improved scholar academic achievement as well as describes how the school and parents/caregivers will build and develop a partnership that will help scholars achieve our learning community’s high standards.

To understand how working together can benefit your child, it is first important to understand the district’s and school’s goals for scholar academic achievement.  


At Sun Prairie High School, we have specific and targeted goals for numeracy, literacy, student engagement, parent engagement, and staff engagement. For our scholars, we continually work to create a school environment where scholars feel engaged in learning, empowered to make decisions, and have opportunities to reach personal achievement. Our specific and detailed plan can be found HERE. It is also located on the SPHS website.

To help your child meet the school goals we must work together.

Our school and staff will ensure that we are communicating on a regular basis with our scholars and families. This means that the school administration will provide our families with monthly newsletters with the latest information pertaining to academic opportunities, important dates, and ways to partner together for the success of all students.

Our staff will communicate important academic dates and academic progress to both scholars and parents or caregivers. By increasing our communication, we hope to build on engagement and create an environment for open dialog.

We are asking for our parent and caregiver support as well. It is our belief that both the school and parents/caregivers must have shared responsibilities to create a learning and academic environment that meets the needs of scholars, staff, and the community.

We are asking that parents/caregivers are proactive in sharing any concerns they may have both academically and socially with what is going on with their children. Parents/Caregivers should reach out to school staff early if there are questions and concerns. We are also looking for parent/ caregiver participation in our school-wide events that create strong learning opportunities which include, but are not limited to, parent/teacher conferences, back-to-school nights, course expo, school-wide events, and volunteer opportunities.

As a district and school, we recognize that scholars are a crucial and instrumental part of every school culture. As a result, we believe that scholars have a responsibility as well in creating a strong academic culture at Sun Prairie High School. Scholars are expected to attend classes each day and be on time in order to maximize learning opportunities. When a scholar must miss a class or day, they understand it is their responsibility to reach out to the teaching staff in order to ensure they are aware of any and all learning they may have missed. Scholars will create an environment that is respectful of our wonderful diversity of thought and demographics. Scholars will complete work both inside the classroom and outside as necessary.

Together, we have an opportunity to continue the strong partnerships that already exist and build on those to create an even stronger school, parent/caregiver, scholar, and bond. Sun Prairie High School is one of the fastest-growing high schools in the state and there is a good reason for that. We have some of the best employees, parents/caregivers, scholars, and communities in the state of Wisconsin. For the 2021-22 school year, we want to continue to expand our strong partnership and share our goals for the school year. 

Throughout the year, Sun Prairie High School will be communicating more events, activities, and ways to build the school, parent/caregiver, and scholar partnership. We are committed to building an environment where we all support each other for the advancement of our students.