Family Engagement & Inclusion Plan

Dear SPHS Family and Friends,

Sun Prairie East High School strives to maintain high expectations and promote academic excellence and social-emotional wellness for all our scholars by creating a “culture of care” climate which nurtures their self-esteem while respecting and valuing diverse identities and voices.  The Sun Prairie East High School community will continuously work to interrupt systemic racism by collaboratively working with scholars, families, and stakeholders to dismantle, rebuild, and align our system for more equitable outcomes for all. 

To understand how working together can benefit your child, it is first important to understand the district’s and school’s goals for scholar academic achievement.  

Who Should I Contact?

  • Key contacts at East High School and at the District Support Center.
  • Resource information related to school fees, Infinite Campus, Student Health, and  athletics/activities
  • Information on various social media websites parents and caregivers can visit to obtain information


  • Bi-weekly parents/caregivers will receive email communication with the newsletter linked.
  • Weekly Sunday parent/caregivers email/call providing detailed information of upcoming week’s events.

Get Involved

At SPEHS, there are several opportunities for parents and the community to engage in the learning communities. Parents and community members can volunteer during lunchtime to assist with supervision, during Parent- Teacher conferences to assist with snack delivery to staff, and volunteer to cover Reality Rocks and other school events held during the day. Reach out to our team to learn more about ways to volunteer.

First 100 days 

We will establish a culture of care environment where all families feel valued, welcomed, and heard  This will be accomplished by hosting monthly parent meetings to assist with the establishment and continuation of this culture. 

Please reach out if you have questions.

Kind Regards,

Principal Renee Coleman