Daily Announcements


Announcements  5/26/2022  

  • If you are missing any items, please check the Lost-and-Found in the Main Office. Any unclaimed items will be donated after May 26.

  • LMC Reminders.   Calling all borrowed chromebooks, chargers, books or equipment.  All items borrowed from the LMC need to be returned before the end of the school year.  A fee will be added to your Infinite Campus account if not returned.  

  • Happy Almost Summer!Art Club is selling polymer clay jewelry to support Outreach LGBTQ+ programming. Come check it out during lunch this week! Biggest props to Srinidhi Chenna for putting this together!  Have a creative summer all!

  • Seniors, did you miss the graduation meeting?  If so, click on this link to find the information you will need regarding all things graduation.  tinyurl.com/GradPractice22

  • Do you often find yourself participating in the latest fashion trends? If you do, then the clothes you are wearing are most likely the result of “fast fashion.” Fast fashion brands use low-quality materials to make clothing, which is why they tear and damage easily. These materials are also harmful to the environment and ecosystems living in the oceans. Finally, the employees making these clothes are severely underpaid, work in terrible conditions, and are often child laborers. Instead of throwing away your clothing and having them end up in landfills, here are some other options: ● Donate to C.A.R.D.S Closet ● Donate to Goodwill ● Donate to St. Vincent’s ● Hand down clothes to friends and family ● Buy clothes that will stay in trend for longs periods of time ● Invest in high-quality clothing that will last a long time ● If clothes are severely damaged, find ways to repurpose them. As a person that shops at fast fashion brands I know it might be hard to find other clothing brands. Consider looking up common fast fashion brands to avoid buying form. If you are unable to find other options, try to consume less clothing. Remember quality over quantity. Thank you for your time!                    

Riley McLaughlin (student at SPHS) is sharing this as part of a research project.