School Delays & Closings

When the cold weather season is upon us, we know you will be wondering how the school district determines if school is delayed or canceled. We watch the weather very closely in the winter months. When weather is forecasted that may impact the safety of our students arriving at school, we are actively assessing the situation as the forecast develops.

Our monitoring includes frequent communication from the National Weather Service. If no decision has been made by the morning of the possible closure, we are reviewing the updated forecast by 4:45 a.m. and want to make a decision before 6:00 a.m. If we are able to determine school closings earlier, we will let you know as soon as a decision is made.

Outdoor Air Quality

Schools will follow the EPA's Air Quality and Outdoor Activity Guidance for Schools based on the Air Quality index for Sun Prairie. Outdoor activities will be limited if air quality reaches unhealthy (red) levels. Outdoor activities will be cancelled or moved indoors when air quality reaches very unhealthy (purple) levels.


School administration will limit outdoor activities anytime there is a heat advisory and eliminate outdoor activities when there is an excessive heat warning.

Wind Chill

When considering the safety impact of cold weather, we monitor the wind chill factor. If the wind chill factor generates a Wind Chill Warning (-35 sustained wind chill) by the National Weather Service, we will close for the day or may consider a delayed start if the warning will be lifted in the mid-morning hours. We will typically hold school when there is a Wind Chill Advisory.

Snow or Ice

If significant snow or ice on the roads may create a dangerous situation for students to get to school, we may decide to close or delay the start of school. Delaying or closing school is a decision that is not made lightly. There are many implications for our families and school operations, so we work to ensure that we are making the best decision possible based on the information we have.

If a severe weather warning is issued by the National Weather Service (Winter Storm Warning, Blizzard Warning, Ice Storm Warning), then we will close school. If the conditions causing the winter weather warning are expected to improve by the mid-morning hours, we may delay the start of school.

Here are other considerations for how we make the decision to delay or cancel school:

  • We remain in contact with the National Weather Service to stay updated on impending weather conditions that may impact school operations.
  • We review the predicted weather patterns through various other weather websites and news outlets.  
  • We look closely at the timing of the snow/ice, considering how much is predicted, when it is predicted to affect our area, and how it will impact getting students to/from school.
  • We work closely with Kobussen to review impacts on bus transportation when making this decision. Often, our staff or Kobussen staff will drive the roads to determine if they are safe and passable.
  • We are also in conversation with neighboring school districts to compare reports.  

2-Hour Delay

When the start of the school day needs to be delayed for two hours due to inclement weather, power outage, utility disruption, etc., the school day will look like this:

  • 4K: We will not have an AM class. 
  • School Schedules:
    • Elementary and Middle Schools will start their day two hours into the regular schedule.   
    • High Schools will run modified schedules with shortened periods. 
  • Busing: All morning routes will run 2 hours later than regularly scheduled.
  • School Nutrition:
    • Breakfast - Grab-and-go bags will be available.|
    • Lunch - Will be provided at the regularly scheduled time or at the time specified in the school’s modified schedule.  The menu may change and will be shared with secretaries and principals before lunch.
  • Athletics/Activities: All before-school activities will be canceled.
  • Communication: Families will be notified before 6 am using contact information provided in our Infinite Campus system. Please make sure that your contact information is up-to-date.

Other Important Information

How We Will Notify you.

school closed graphic

We will post the closing on our District website, on our District Facebook page, and via Instagram. (You do not need to be on Facebook or Instagram to see these posts. However, if you are on these social media sites, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.)

We will use our electronic messaging system to call, email, and text families about the change in the school schedule.

Our goal is to reach as many families as possible as soon as possible.  We call all phones listed for parents/caregivers of our students to ensure we reach someone in each household.  While it may seem redundant to call your home, cell and work numbers, we must make sure parents/caregivers who work varying shifts receive this important information.  We also cannot just send it via email or text as we may not reach all families.  

Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date in Infinite Campus so you receive our notifications.