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The Sun Prairie Area School District works collaboratively with our District transportation provider, Kobussen Bus Company to transport our students.

We work collaboratively with Kobussen Bus Company to keep students safe while riding the bus.

We use the "Kobussen Cares" logo to highlight our expectations for all bus riders and drivers. To support SAFETY for all, our EXPECTATIONS are that everyone demonstrates RESPECT through APPROPRIATE bus behavior on a CONSISTENT basis.

Kobussen Cares

To meet these EXPECTATIONS, all bus riders need to:

  • Sit down when they get on the bus,
  • Face forward when seated,
  • Keep the aisle clear so everyone can move safely,
  • Keep voices quiet so everyone can enjoy their ride and hear instructions,
  • Keep hands to themselves, and
  • Do not eat on the bus to keep it clean and sanitary.

We appreciate parents/guardians, district staff, and bus drivers for reminding students that KOBUSSEN CARES!

Important Reminders Regarding Busing

  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to your stop in the morning.
  • Students must show their bus tag in order to ride the bus. Lost or damaged tags can be replaced by school office staff.
  • Students that need to cross in front of the bus must wait for the driver to signal before walking.
  • Busing information can be found in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
  • Families needing transportation to/from an alternate location (child care (grades K-5 only) or secondary household) must complete the appropriate request form found below.
  • If parents/guardians have any questions or concerns, including a bus arriving early or late, pickup/drop-off times, a bus driver, or item left on the bus, they should contact Kobussen at 608.825.8700.

Frequently asked questions

Kobussen Bus Company

Tyara Bates
Special Education Dispatcher
Ext. 5526

Sky Christopherson-Teubert
Ext. 5512

Jojo Spoehr
Lead Dispatcher
Ext. 5510

Brinda Thompson
Terminal Manager
Ext. 5509

David Thompson
Safety Manager
Ext. 5501

District Support Center 

Rhonda Page
Business Services Manager

Lisa Sprindis
Transportation Assistant

Ramnique Mahal
Specialized Transportation