5 Year Old Kindergarten

Congratulations and welcome to incoming kindergarten students in the 2024-25 school year.
The incoming group of kindergarten students will be the high school graduating class of 2036. We are honored to be
your school system of choice and to partner with you on your child’s journey toward a college and/or career ready future.


Your child’s Sun Prairie 5-year old kindergarten is a full-day program located in one of our nine elementary schools: C.H. Bird Elementary, Creekside Elementary, Eastside Elementary, Horizon Elementary, Meadow View Elementary, Northside Elementary, Royal Oaks Elementary, Token Springs Elementary, and Westside Elementary. Based on our school district attendance areas your child has been automatically enrolled in 5-year old kindergarten at our school for the 2024-25 school year.

If your child attended SP4K and your address has changed or if you do not plan to have your child attend our elementary school for any reason, please contact Cindy Schmitz, 4K Secretary at 608.478.5145.

If your child has a special health condition that requires more care or if you would like to talk to our District Health Nurse about health-related questions, please call Debbie Brown at 608-318-8106.  For more information about health related questions or concerns, please check our school district website

The Sun Prairie Area School District offers Spanish/English dual language immersion (DLI) programming in select schools! Northside Elementary and Westside Elementary will host Spanish/English DLI kindergarten programming for the 2024-2025 school year *(pending enrollment numbers. Kindergarten and 1st grade students from households where Spanish is spoken who attend Royals Oaks Elementary, Creekside Elementary or Eastside Elementary will also be able to join these programs at Northside and Westside based on enrollment! Please join us for a DLI family information night in March - March 14 at 6pm at Westside or March 19 at 6pm at Northside.  Interested families will be able to complete a Spanish/English Dual Language Immersion application when it becomes available on February 26. Please see the DLI website for more information.


The Calendar-At-A-Glance for the 2024-25 school year is available on our school district website at https://www.sunprairieschools.org/district/calendars-bell-schedules. Over the next several months between now and the start of the 2024-25 school year you will receive more information about your school, ways to get to know your school better, and how to be ready for the start of kindergarten.

Elementary school day start and end times:

7:40 a.m. - 2:40 p.m. (Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri.)

7:40 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. (Thurs.)

Over several months between now and the start of the school year you will receive more information about our school, ways to get to know our school better, and about how to be ready for the start of kindergarten.  


  • Information about student health, immunizations and health forms needed
  • Summer School registration information for all incoming kindergarten students
  • Booklet on Preparing for Kindergarten


  • Information about an orientation event scheduled in August for incoming kindergarten students and their parent/guardian


  • 2024-25 School Supplies List (will be sent electronically)

We Look forward to serving you!

Enrollment Information

The Sun Prairie Area School District has a simple process for transferring 4K students into 5K for the next school year. Students already in SP4K will automatically be enrolled in 5K at the assigned elementary school based on the current home address (see map). Families who are Open Enrolled into an SP4K program will be contacted by our Business Office about plans for 2024-25. If your child currently does not attend a Sun Prairie 4K site and plans to attend 5K, be sure to begin with the Enrolling Students page and go to "Begin the Enrollment Process" for instructions. Please call the 4K office at 608.478.5145 if you have questions.

In February, families will receive a welcome letter from your assigned elementary school. At that time, if there are any updates in your address or changes in your plans for 5K, the letter will include information about who to contact.

Requests for early entrance to kindergarten must be submitted in writing to Rick Mueller by April 19th, 2024. Questions about that process should be directed to David Coleman at 608.834.6566 or email.