District Taskforce on Student Behavior and Bullying

The Sun Prairie Area School District staff strive to maintain a learning environment that is safe and a culture that is respectful and conducive to effective learning.  Recent district data related to expulsions; behavioral referrals; student mental health; staff, student, parent satisfaction surveys; and parent feedback indicates that we have not yet achieved our goals and are not meeting the expectations we have for ourselves. To that end, there is a need to form a District Taskforce on Student Behavior and Bullying. 


District Taskforce on Student Behavior and Bullying-Process and Timeline

Board approval of the creation and charge of the taskforce

Taskforce Selection

We were thrilled to have 90 Sun Prairie community members complete the interest survey for the Taskforce.  In accordance with our district vision, it was important to us that the Taskforce be broadly representative of our community.  In order to narrow our membership to 45, the following factors were considered:

  1. We made it a priority to assemble a group of people that reflected the diversity of our Sun Prairie Community.  

  • Taskforce membership includes mothers and fathers, step parents, grandparents, community members without children in the schools, graduates, community leaders, community servants, people with and without personal bullying stories.  

  • The Taskforce represents racial diversity, gender diversity, ability diversity, diversity in family make-up and experience, and economic diversity, all as disclosed by the applicants.  

  • In short, the taskforce is aligned with our district vision to reflect the cultures of our diverse community.

  1. We made it a priority to have a parent/guardian/grandparent of a child from each school in our district represented.

  2. We made it a priority to include participants who had a variety of reasons for wanting to serve on the taskforce.  

These three simple criteria lead us to our taskforce membership, a solid cross section of our Sun Prairie Community.

Taskforce Committee Members

Taskforce on Student Behavior and Bullying Membership

Co-Chairs:  Jennifer Apodaca & Tom Weber

Facilitator:  Bob Butler

Stacy Ashby Lisa Goldsberry David Mitchell
Julie Betthauser Tim Hansen Kristen Morris
Katie Boos Mary Ellen Havel-Lang Linda Mueller
Heather DuBois Bourenane David Hoekstra Anna Nikolay
Juanona Brewster Bryn Horton Teran Peterson
Nikki Burke Brian Incitti Tiniki Powell
Janice Chestnut Keyiona Johnson LaRon Ragsdale
Lamont Crockett Derek Johnsrud Denny Rosenthal
Maureen Crombie Ben Jones Darlyne Steinweg
Tim Fandek Frederic Klumb Christine Sydow
Tommy Foy Rogette Koby Christopher Vitale
Tammy Florek Andrea Koster Becky Volenec
Amy Frank Christine McDonough Kristin L. Wilkinson
Renee Gilman Lauren Meyer Trent Williams
    Annetta Wright


Meeting Details, Agendas and Summaries