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A message from Superintendent Dr. Brad Saron

Please accept my warmest welcome on behalf of all the students, faculty, and staff who make the Sun Prairie Area School District an exceptional place to learn and to work! As my family has come to know, the depth of our programming, the community’s commitment to all children, and the dedication of our faculty and staff merge to yield this incredible school district.

The parents, staff, and students of Sun Prairie have so much to be proud of! The school district’s summer school program is outstanding in its participation, scope of offerings, and accessibility. In fact, we have the largest participation of any school district in the state! The access to technology across the school district is wonderful. From Chromebooks to desktop computers to iPads to technology coaches, we are fortunate to be such a tech-savvy school district.

The methods we use as teachers, schools, and administrators to set goals, analyze data, and respond with attention and direction are evolving, and our practice of recruiting, developing, and retaining a diverse and skilled workforce is advancing.

Another point of tremendous pride is our commitment to support social justice and to celebrate diversity. Gathering students to celebrate and understand one another through Kindness Retreats, Diversity Assemblies, and school-based social justice events and partnering with our community to support, celebrate, and understand are amazing efforts we should all be very proud of. 

We complement all of these outstanding characteristics with a dynamic level of innovation, including personalized learning programming, some of the best Advanced Learning Programming in the state, and reading and math programming that is some of the finest, research-based programming available!

I hope you are able to observe throughout this website and all of our other publications that the Sun Prairie Area School District is enthusiastic about engaging the community; about providing exceptional experiences for our children; and about communicating with parents and families, potential staff, and with the wonderful community we serve. This is an exciting time in our district, and we know that we cannot continuously improve without strong support from you.

Certainly, I am honored to be the superintendent of the Sun Prairie Area School District; however, I am humbled to see the members of this growing community—students, faculty, and staff, parents, alumni—working so hard and working so well together to serve children every day.

I look forward to working with you to serve the children and families of Sun Prairie! I’ll see you soon. 

Brad Saron 

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Superintendent: Brad Saron


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