Board of Education

Meet the School Board

The Sun Prairie Area School District Board of Education is made up of seven elected community members to serve three-year terms. The Board appoints two non-voting student members that each serve a one-year term. All School Board elections are nonpartisan and held in April. The superintendent is appointed by the Board.

SPASD Board of Education meetings are typically held on the 2nd Monday (at the District Office) and 4th Monday (at City Hall) of each month and will typically start at 6:00 p.m.

These Meetings may be streamed live via KSUN. Please check their website directly at If live streaming is not available the recorded meeting is typically uploaded to the Sun Prairie Media Center's website within 48 hours. 

For the most up to date information about location and timings of School Board Meetings, please check the District's Website or Board Docs.  

Dr. Steve Schroeder, President

Tenure: June 2012 to April 2022

Committees & Liaison Appointments:
School Ambassador to C.H. Bird Elementary School, Westside Elementary School and District Support Center

Contact Information:
1300 Fitness Run, Sun Prairie, WI 53590
608.834.4005 Home
608.347.9324 Cell


Tom Weber, Vice President

Tenure: April 2011 to April 2020

Committees and Liaison Appointments:
Dane County School Board Consortium, WASB Board of Director (Region 12). School Ambassador to Royal Oaks Elementary and Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School.

Contact Information:
2243 Innsbrooke Drive, Sun Prairie, WI 53590
608.235.0963 Cell


Carol Sue Albright, Clerk

Tenure: April 2014 to April 2020

Committees and Liaison Appointments:
Legislative Liaison, Sun Prairie Education Foundation, School Ambassador to Northside Elementary and Sun Prairie High School

Contact Information:
865 Jerico Lane, Sun Prairie, WI 53590


Dave Hoekstra, Treasurer

Tenure: April 2015 to April 2022

Committee and Liaison Appointments:
City Planning Commission, TIF Board, School Ambassador to Token Springs Elementary and Prairie View Middle School

Contact Information:
1077 Virdon Drive, Sun Prairie, WI 53590


Marilyn Ruffin, Deputy Clerk

Tenure: April 2015 to April 2021

Committees and Liaison Appointments:
Business and Education Partnership, School Ambassador to Creekside Elementary School and Prairie Phoenix Academy

Contact Information:
Home Address and Phone
1555 Wild Iris Street, Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Bryn Horton, Governance Officer

Tenure: April 2018 to April 2021

Committees and Liaison Appointments:
CESA #2 Delegate, Youth and Family Commission, Community Schools, School Ambassador to Eastside Elementary School and Patrick Marsh Middle School

Contact Information:
669 Sanibel Lane,
Sun Prairie, WI 53590


Caren Diedrich, Member

Tenure: April 1998 to April 2022

Committees and Liaison Appointments:
Chamber of Commerce, School Ambassador to Horizon and Meadow View Elementary School

Home Address and Phone
393 Bella Way, Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Emily Flood, Student Member

Emily Flood is a 12th grade student

Emily was the Sophomore class president and was the Freshman Student Council president. She is also an active member of the Yearbook club. Emily is also working on her Gold Award, the highest level in the Girl Scouts.

Quinn Williams, Student Member

Quinn Williams is an 11th grade student at Sun Prairie High School. He is actively involved in several activities and committees such as Yearbook Club, Security, and Safety Committee, Track and Field Manager, and coordination for the annual Voter Registration Drive. Quinn also works to help increase student voice at the District and Board levels.

School Board at Graduation