Health Services


Welcome to the Health Services webpage. Our team is made up of two District Health Nurses and Health Assistants at each school building. Together we work to remove health related learning barriers, and create a healthy and safe learning environment for all children.

The District Health Nurse is a Registered Nurse who coordinates the health services in the district, is a resource person to school staff, and liaison to community partners. The District Health Nurse develops individual health plans, participates in IEP and 504 Plans, presents in classrooms, provides staff training, and serves on various district committees.

Each school has a Health Assistant throughout the day with the exception of lunch breaks and unexpected absences. The role of the Health Assistant includes: administering medications and treatments, providing first aid, maintaining health records, assists in vision/hearing screening, and communicable disease screening.

Each building also has a team of staff that is trained in first aid and CPR that will assist in the event of an injury or life-threatening illness as needed.

Staff, students, or parent/guardians, can initiate health referrals. If you have concerns or questions, please call the District Health Nurse at 608.318.8106 or 608.318.8107




(Grades K-5)
Debra Brown

Phone:  608.318.8106

(Grades 6-12)
Elizabeth Feisthammel
Phone: 608.318.8107


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