Facilities & Grounds

The Sun Prairie Area School District includes nine elementary schools, two middle schools, an upper middle school, a high school, an alternative high school, an early learning center, and the  District Support Center. We have just completed the expansion of Ashley Field to make it the premier outdoor multi-use athletics & activities stadium in the area and have started construction on West High School, which is set to open in September of 2022!


Building Statistics

Graphic of Building Statistics

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Project Breakdown by Classification

Graphic of Project Breakdown by Classification

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Facilities Master Plan

The district is in the process of developing a Facilities Master Plan with the assistance of Eppstein Uhen Architects.  Information about the Master Planning process will be posted here.

The district also has a School Space Planning Committee to determine short and long term district space needs. 


Why is Long-Range Facilities Planning Important in our District?

The school district began long range facilities planning discussions in February 2015 to address these key challenges facing our community:

  • Increasing enrollment. Sun Prairie is one of the fastest growing school districts in the state.
  • School buildings are at or over capacity at the Elementary level.  Currently six of our seven elementary schools are at or over capacity.
  • Two aging buildings with infrastructure needs.  (Prairie Phoenix Academy and the Early Learning Resource Center.)
  • The need for modern learning environments in all school buildings that accommodate all learners. 

Contact Information (Click on the name to reach their email)

Kevin Sukow
Director of Facilities & Grounds

Beth Patterson
Admin Assist Facilities & Grounds

Wes Ahlansberg
Maintenance Manager

Lorraine Schwager
Environmental Services Manager

Mark Alioto
Environmental Services Manager

Kevin Splain
Sustainability/Energy Manager

Patrick Cottrell
Facility Rental Liaison