Digital Media, Innovation & Strategy (Technology)


The Department of Digital Media, Innovation, and Strategy is responsible for analyzing and implementing continuous improvement in the school district through innovation, instructional technology, technology device maintenance and management, database and network management and assessment.


Contact Information:

Curt Mould
Director of Digital Media, Innovation and Strategy

Deb Schenck
Administrative Assistant

Instructional Technology

1:1 Student Device Initiative

Digital Learning in the Sun Prairie Area School District
The Sun Prairie Area School District (SPASD) believes it is essential to provide a digital
platform to further the educational goals and mission of the District. Technology and
digital tools provide unique and robust educational opportunities to a learning community.
They give our students opportunities to become literate in 21st Century Skills. SPASD
educators have a professional responsibility to blend thoughtful use of digital tools with the
curriculum and to provide guidance and instruction to students in the appropriate use of
such resources. While ALL students K-12 will have access to and use technology on a
regular basis, the district supports 1:1 technology (a device for every student) in grades

K-5 Technology Guidelines

6-12 Technology Guidelines

Digital Citizenship

Our increasingly digital world demands an intense focus and ongoing learning around digital citizenship for students, parents and educators.



Digital Data and Privacy

As digital learning becomes increasingly essential to our classrooms, online student educational data is collected to support student learning. The Sun Prairie Area School District is committed to following all federal and state education privacy laws and policies, including the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), to keep data about our students secure and protected.


Taken from: COSN

Data and Privacy Information/Resources

Plugged in Parenting

Let’s be honest, parenting in a digital age is hard.  The more we know about the way our kids are interacting digitally, the more we can help them navigate their digital lives.  This monthly piece called “Plugged in Parenting” offers tips and resources to support your children with digital citizenship and technology use.

Beginning of the Year Digital Citizenship Family Resources (September)

Cyberbullying (October)

Digital Footprint and Identity (November)

Parents' Ultimate Guides to the Most Popular Apps (December)

Relationships and Communication: Social Media (January)

2018-2019 Resources


Future Ready Schools

Library Media

Led by our team of Library Media Specialists & Tech Integrators, SPASD is committed to leveraging digital learning to provide student centered experiences for all our learners.  Utilizing resources like the Future Ready Framework and the ISTE Standards, we have mapped out what 21st Century Learning looks like in our district.



Over the past several years, Sun Prairie schools and educators have made a strong commitment to making all learning environments more student centered.
While innovation and personalized learning take on many different forms across our district, the goal is clear;
to empower our students to take the lead in their learning journey.


Each Sun Prairie school has a Makerspace: a space designated to facilitate the work of wondering, tinkering, and creating.  These spaces are designed to inspire learners to uncover their talents, needs, and interests by making, producing, solving, creating, collaborating and thinking.  Makerspace experiences serve as a vehicle for our learners to develop confidence, problem-solving skills and self-direction in their learning journey.