Creekside Elementary

Creekside students on a fire truck
JusTme visitor and classroom
Student art of snowflake
Student art
Student Art of Snowman
Staff members on stairs
pi day celebration, students throwing pies in staff faces
Principle and student on Pi Day

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Welcome to Creekside Elementary. Creekside opened in the fall of 2008 and is home to approximately 350 students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade (K-5). The school is adjacent to a city park which provides great outdoor recreational opportunities for our students.

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Creekside Spring Pictures



Just a short note here about your upcoming Spring (if it ever comes...!) Portraits. Consumers continue to look for exciting new looks to the traditional school portrait and accordingly, we're introducing our "Let Kids be Kids" look this spring.


Our photographers will be encouraging students to let their personality show rather than conforming everyone to the same pose. The kids are having a blast and so are the teachers... everyone is getting in on the action.


Feel free to share the short video link below with your staff and even parents if you like. It's only 45 seconds but will give everyone an idea of what to expect.


Many thanks!




Here's the link:

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