1. Teaching & Learning

All students surpass their annual academic growth targets and graduate ready for success.

2. Workforce Focus

Proactively recruit, retain and engage talent that reflects and is responsive to our diverse community.

3. Community Engagement

Excel in how we serve all stakeholders and build relationships with families, community members, and businesses that promote positive outcomes for students. 

4. Facilities & Operations

Use District resources effectively and efficiently. Facilities and services meet the needs of our diverse and growing student population and community.

2. Workforce Focus
Grow Your Own Program

Our Grow Your Own program expanded flexibility for our Grown Your Own participants to allow them to choose from a number of colleges, universities, or certification granting institutions to take classes towards a certification. 

Employee Wellness Clinic

The City of Sun Prairie and the Sun Prairie Area School District are collaborating with SSM Health at Work to provide new health care options for our employees and families with the opening of a new dedicated wellness clinic in Sun Prairie.

Professional Educators Compensation Plan

Now at or in some cases exceeding Dance County average

Compensation and Insurance Committees

Each employee group has an established committee focused on compensation and benefits, which meets on a regular basis to create a consistent discussion addressing compensation and benefits in an effort to recruit, hire, and retain the staff we need to meet the needs of our students.

Support Staff Compensation

The support staff compensation committee created a structure providing consistent annual increases tied to "cost of living" (COLA) and allowed support staff to continue increases in pay through their entire career with our school district.

Admin Support Compensation Plan

In collaboration with the Administrative Support Compensation Committee, we created a compensation structure tied to cost of living and a goal-setting component.

Consistent Affinity Groups

Affinity groups for our employees of color are meeting on a regular basis. These groups are creating structures of communication with District leadership, resulting in tangible actions by the District. 

Different Platform (Frontline)

We implemented Frontline Central in conjunction with Frontline Recruiting and Hiring to create a more streamlined approach to onboarding new employees and supporting our current employees by using a more efficient online platform to complete various processes (i.e. licensing, personal leave).

Expansion of Wellness Department and Programming

Our Staff Wellness Committee continues to work diligently to provide engaging wellness activities and opportunities for our staff and their family members, while continuously building and strengthening our supportive community partnerships.

Health Insurance - 5 Year Rate Hold

We aggressively bid a 5-year rate hold from our health insurance provider for our HMO Plan, which saved the District $600,000. 

Hiring Committees

We utilize committees that contain community members, staff, students, and caregivers in the hiring process. We are continuing to refine how hiring committees are informed of best practices in their role of providing input and feedback in the hiring process.

Implemented a Comprehensive Recruitment and Hiring Process

Our Human Resources team aligned our practices with the strategic goals of recruiting and hiring high-quality employees reflecting the community of Sun Prairie. 

Progress Towards Equitable PTO Across Employee Groups

The school board approved handbook language to address the inequities in amounts and flexibilities within Paid Time Off (PTO) especially focused on language regarding PTO within our Support Staff employee group.

Supporting Employees During COVID

Throughout the pandemic response, the Human Resources team supported staff through how to access leave (i.e. Families First Coronavirus Response Act), health care through our Dean partners and Employee Wellness Clinic, and the many caveats of mental and physical health in connection with the pandemic.

Weekly Staff Newsletter

We have implemented Weekly Staff newsletters, which are sent on Sundays. This provides important information and communications to our all staff members.