1. Teaching & Learning

All students surpass their annual academic growth targets and graduate ready for success.

2. Workforce Focus

Proactively recruit, retain and engage talent that reflects and is responsive to our diverse community.

3. Community Engagement

Excel in how we serve all stakeholders and build relationships with families, community members, and businesses that promote positive outcomes for students. 

4. Facilities & Operations

Use District resources effectively and efficiently. Facilities and services meet the needs of our diverse and growing student population and community.

1. Teaching & Learning

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Excellence in Special Education

Over the past six years, special education in Sun Prairie has been focused on expanding the capacity of our schools to meet the needs of every child through a strengths-based, collaborative, and inclusive way of being.

Maintained Class Sizes

Even with very tight budgets, the district has been able to maintain the already low-class sizes.

Expansion of AVID

AVID is an elementary through postsecondary college readiness system designed to increase schoolwide learning and performances for students.

Curriculum Renewal Process

We use a process called Curriculum Renewal and Design Process to decide what materials to use to teach students. Our staff reviews curriculum and instructional materials on a six-year cycle to ensure that our students have an exceptional learning experience that is aligned to state and national standards.

1:1 Devices for Students

Our District provides every student in grades K-12 with either an iPad, Chromebook or laptop.

Summer School

We offer one of the most robust summer school programs in the state of Wisconsin for students in grades 4K-5. 

ACCEL Academy

ACCEL represents the collaboration of education, business, and community, providing students with a unique, immersive experience, resulting in highly-skilled, adaptable, global innovators and leaders.

Color Coded

Color-Coded is a Robotic Camp available to students of color. 

Computer Science Pathway - Grades K-12

Computer science has changed our world. It is essential to know how the devices we interact with work and how to use them responsibly, safely, and ethically. Computer programming is accessible to all students in the Sun Prairie Area School District.


DELT is a team that engages in deep interracial dialogue and addresses persistent racial disparities. It is comprised of the superintendent, assistant superintendents, and District Office administrators. 

Designed State of the Art Learning Environments

Both Token Springs and Meadow View Elementary schools are configured into eight-room "ecosystems" to accommodate multiple grade levels and teaching styles.


E-House is a student-centered learning community at Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School where digital-age learners develop the skills and dispositions to be future-ready adults. 

E-Teams (Equity Teams)

Equity teams, which consist of seven to ten staff members, were formed at each of our school sites. These teams are committed to creating an equitable learning environment for all students.  

Increased AP Courses for All Students

We are proud to offer 28 AP courses to our students. 

Additionally, both Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School and Sun Prairie High School have been recognized by the Wisconsin Advanced Placement Advisory Council (WAPAC) for their student's participation and performance on the 2020 College Board Advanced Placement Exams.

Increased AP Enrollment for Students of Color - Equal Opportunity Schools

We have seen an increase in the number of students of color who are enrolled in at least one AP course. AP courses allow students to challenge themselves with college-level courses in high school. Upon successful completion of the course, students earn college credits, allowing them and their families to save thousands of dollars.

Investment in Technology & Resources

The School District was able to purchase 1800 iPads for primary grade students, 800 laptops for all of our teachers, Chromebooks for many students, and instructional assistants. 300 webcams and 200 document cameras were provided to assist in the delivery of content from teachers’ homes and classrooms.


LEADS is a team that engages in deep interracial dialogue and addresses persistent racial disparities. Team members include all site and District administrators as well as program managers and administrative support staff.

Pandemic Response - Distance Learning 2020-2021

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we transitioned to online learning for all students for the first part of the 2020-2021 school year. In April of 2021, we were able to provide students the option to come to school for up to four days a week in person. 

PEG Partnership

We have been working in partnership with the Pacific Educational Group (PEG) as part of our strategic goal to eliminate the opportunity gap for students of color through racial equity.

Reality Rocks

Reality Rocks is sort of like the game of Life. Over 650 students in Economics classes make life decisions and move from booth to booth to make purchases like finding a place to live, insurance, groceries, child care, pets., etc. while keeping track of their revenue. 

STEM Academy

The STEM Academy is a dual enrollment program where high school students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math (i.e., STEM) take a full-time schedule of college classes at Madison College over 11th and 12th grade.  

Student Visits to Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)

In January of 2020, 18 of our 11th-grade students traveled to Tennessee to visit three historically Black colleges and universities.

Universal Access to Algebra in 8th Grade

We have changed our middle school math curriculum, resulting in Algebra being taught to all eighth-graders.

Universal SEL Implementation

We fully implemented Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum, which provides students with tools in the areas of emotion management, situational awareness, and skills for learning/academic achievement.